Increase Metabolism Into A Fat Burning Inferno

Jim O'Connor

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Wouldn't you like to increase your metabolism by pressing a button which would ignite your body into a fat burning inferno? Let's face it, most fitness enthusiasts, focused on burning fat, always say they wish they had faster metabolisms.

Imagine if you could easily turn your body from an efficient fat storage machine into an emulsifying fat burning oven.

Another words, you are able to burn more fat, at rest, without doing one extra bit of exercise. To turn your body into a fat burning machine, and increase metabolism, all that is necessary is to follow a few simple natural metabolism boosters.

However, before we get into metabolism enhancers, it is important you fully understand what basal metabolic rate (BMR) really is. Your BMR is the amount of calories your body needs at rest to maintain normal bodily functions like a beating heart, maintenance of body temperature, and basic respiration. Your basal metabolic rate comprises about 60% of the total calories your body needs each, and every day. Thus, the more calories your body consumes at rest, the greater possibility of burning more unwanted body fat.

Your total basal metabolic rate is comprised of BMR, plus the thermal effect of food digestion, plus the amount of physical activity.

As a result of the aging process, it is a simple fact that metabolism decreases by 3% to 5% each decade from the mid thirties onward. As a matter of fact, when an individual hits age 55, he or she must take in approximately 150 fewer calories than was necessary in the twenties.

Studies have shown the female metabolism is generally 10% - 15% lower than males due to less muscle mass. Plus, please be aware, their can be genetic differences from one persons metabolic rate versus another. However, listed below are some proven ways to increase your metabolism into a fat burning furnace.

Success Tips To Increase Metabolism Into A 24 Hour A Day fat burning furnace.

1. Begin strength training to increase metabolically active lean body tissue. For each extra pound of, metabolically active muscle, your body burns an extra 35-50 calories per day. So an extra 10 pounds of muscle will yield 350-500 calories per day. This translates into 1 pound of fat loss every 7- 10 days. Now that is what I call efficient.

Don't be alarmed if you simply don't have tons of time to weight train. It takes less than 30 minutes each week to benefit from these metabolism increasing results. For more information on how to quickly add on metabolically active muscle while working out as little as 30 minutes each week, visit

2. Eat Three meals, and two snacks each and every day. Every time food is eaten an increased metabolism is witnessed. Please be advised that this isn't a call for ingesting a huge amount of calories, but a reasonable amount of calories, for best results, must be broken down into 5-6 small meals.

3. Increase your exercise. Yes, you have heard this one before. Exercise, including walking, or running, increases metabolism. Stay consistent, and you will burn fat like a furnace.

4. Eat nutritious, low sugar, high fiber foods, and avoid the simple sugars. It has been proven that eating simple sugars doesn't increase metabolism. Eating high fiber, lower sugar, foods, including protein, are considered useful tips for metabolism boosting food choices. A good rule of thumb is to avoid alcohol, sugar, and fasting.

5. Get proper vitamin C, B, and drink 8-10 glasses of water each day. In order for natural metabolism enhancement to take place your system must be functioning at 100%. This includes the correct amounts of vitamin B, C, and water.

6. Drink Green Tea Herb. It was found that green tea extract results in a significant increase in energy expenditure similar to that of caffeine. It is also noted that other properties were discovered which increase metabolism.

By closely following these 6 simple natural metabolism boosting tips your body will surely shift from a fat storing machine into a fat burning furnace. In order to increase metabolism, all you have to do is follow these 5 simple metabolism enhancing tricks.

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