How To Reduce Cellulite


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Cellulite is the term that is used to refer to the dimpled or cottage cheese like appearance of skin, usually owing to excess fatty deposits under it. Skin holds its shape with the help of fibers called elastin and collagen that run in different directions. When fat deposits become too much for the adipose tissue to accommodate, some of it may protrude out, through the elastin-collagen network causing the bumps to show.

Cellulite has been seen to affect women in particular, as compared to men. Studies show that in women, the tendency to accumulate fat is twice as much in the lower parts of the body as compared to the upper portion; to make matters worse, it is twice as difficult to get rid of fat from the lower half of the body as compared to the upper half. This usually only adds to the woes of those who have a problem with cellulite. Another reason why cellulite targets women in particular is its unhealthy liaison with the female hormone estrogen; this hormone helps an enzyme called collagenase break collagen fibers after weakening them. The fact that the estrogen hormone is most the culprit in all probability is further proven by the fact that even slender women are sometimes found to be affected with cellulite. Men on the other hand seldom develop cellulite because the network of fat cells in their skin usually occurs much deeper within the skin as compared to women.

The complete cure for cellulite is yet to be discovered. However, certain methods have been found to help improve the appearance of skin by reducing the unpleasant visual impact caused by cellulite. Simple methods such as brushing your skin every morning is helpful. This simple technique helps stimulate blood and lymph flow to the skin and encourages new cell growth by removing dead skin cells. Skin brushing is also cheap since a body brush is available for as low as $10! Another simple practice like finishing your daily shower with a rinse of cool water to constrict blood flow and tone your skin is very popular. Consuming pills containing glucosamine will help the body repair the dermis and connective tissue, while collagenase inhibiting pills will counter the enzyme collagenase from working against collagen fibers, thereby causing cellulite.

These simple techniques aside, a number of specialized equipment is available to counter cellulite. One of these is used in the Endermology procedure where a roller cum suction tool is run over affected skin to smoothen out the bumps. Mesotherapy is another procedure where fat dissolving substances are injected into the skin; success rates of such procedures are usually higher than the other simple methods. More complex invasive procedures like Liposuction and tummy tuck are also resorted to at times. It however is best to avoid such invasive procedures since the risk of infection is always there. In the case of cellulite, the best way to tackle the condition is to adhere to a good exercise regimen and maintain a healthy diet, and more than anything else get used to it!

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how to reduce cellulite

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