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All About Nautilus Ellipticals

The Nautilus Company is the world's second largest manufacturer of fitness equipment. Nautilus’ claim to fame has been the BowFlex Treadmill-it's brought the company a massive customer base. And now Nautilus is trying their hand at a whole new realm of exercise equipment, like the Treadmillclimber and a series of Nautilus ellipticals. In fact, the immensly popular Schwinn family of elliptical trainers is also a part of the Nautilus chain of ellipticals.

According to Consumer Reports, Nautilus ellipticals are equipped to compete with some of the best on the market, and consumers can count on having more getting the ultimate bang for their buck. Nautilus elliptical trainers are built with some of the highest quality components on the market, which make them durable enough to withstand a light level of commerical use. There's even a variety of interactive programming that comes with each trainer. For example, the Pro Series of Nautilus ellipticals offer an elliptical stride known as “My Stride, " the “My Stride" software fits your individual leg length and workout rate by adjusting the length of your stride. Below are some Nautilus Elliptcial reviews for some of the more upscale models of home ellipticals by Nautilus.

Types of Nautilus Ellipticals

All Nautilus ellipticals feature a quiet elliptical motion, and are designed to withstand multiple regular workouts. Check out some of the upscale Nautilus ellipticals available on the market for purchase:

Nautilus E2000: Falling in the two thousand dollar range with a suggested retail price of $2,299 available in fitness speciality stores and via the Nautilus website. This Nautilus elliptical comes fully equipped with a wireless heart rate control, a heart rate monitor on the machine's movable handlebars, articulating foot pedals, and a LED console.

Nautilus E3000: Cashing out at just over $2,600, the Nautilus E3000 Elliptical Trainer offers a self-generating electromagnetic resistance system that's no batteries, no power cords, no fuss capability allows this Nautilus to be placed in virtually any location.

Schwinn 418: The Schwinn 418 is a part of the chain of Nautilus ellipticals, although it doesn't sport the legendary name. Selling for as low as eight hundred dollars, the Schwinn 418's ability to accomodate multiple users has made it one of the most popular trainers on the market. This trainer offers twelve different workout programs, among them rolling, valley, fat burn, ramp, random, plateau, intervals, mountain, two heart rate, and one fitness test mode.

Schwinn 428: Nautilus’ Schwinn 428 retails at around $1,300 and is very similar in nature to it's 418 counterpart. Just like the 418, the Schwinn 428 features an articulating footplate and heel support, but in addition to that the machine features wireless heart control and reverse action. This elliptical reverse action allows exercise for a variety of different muscles.

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