Will A Carbohydrate Diet Help Achieve Fat Loss?


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Low carbohydrate diet plans have shown that it will cause a reduction in body weight within the first 1-2 weeks, but the majority of weight lost is actually water and FAT Loss is not actually sustained. Fat loss will only follow accompanied by a metabolic slowdown. The reduction of water actually decreases the rate of calorie breakdown and you will automatically gain back every lost pound once carbohydrates are integrated back in the diet.

It is not advisable to follow a no-carbohydrate diet for a longer period as it is unhealthy. Inevitably you will find yourself going back into the regular eating plan after several weeks. The actual goal is losing body fat and water weight in fact greatly slows or even prohibits the fat loss process. Weight loss on a low carbohydrate plan also produces a smaller version of your former self rather than enhancing the physical appearance since after the muscle loss, a sagging, unappealing body structure replaces the body. Long term low or no-carbohydrate based diet is dangerous and somewhat impossible to follow.

High carbohydrate diet plans also produce an ineffective response since high carbohydrate ingestion actually suppresses fat burning hormones thereby preventing the release and breakdown of stored calories or fat. The only enzymes produced through a high carbohydrate diet are the fat storing insulin that actually promotes weight gain! Reducing calories by lowering the excess carbohydrate concentration will continue to prevent the release of stored fat, but will gladly burn up healthy muscle tissue and is therefore not advisable for a healthy body. High carbohydrate and low protein diet actually eliminates fat loss, including muscle loss that deprives the body of the necessary minerals it needs to maintain a healthy function.

With fat loss being the common goal, always remember that weight is composed of water, muscle, and fats. Any diet that restricts carbohydrate intake in favor of high protein or excessive fat intake is counterproductive. Diets which eliminate carbohydrates do NOT permanently promote fat loss and may be dangerous. . . CONTINUE

Exercise works hand in hand with a proper diet that promotes certain acceptable amounts of healthy food. Starvation diets do not promote fat loss also and in the event deprives the body of its essential water and muscular stature. Your weight will most likely drop, with its unhealthy adherence but you have actually deprived your body with the essential need for fluids which after reverting to its normal quantities rapidly increases body fat

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