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What is the cause behind puffiness developing around the eyes? Puffy eyes are a major concern among women (young and old) who believe this should not be part of the female beauty package. Yes and how right they are - but unfortunately even though we agree - some women struggle to avoid this condition from occurring. If the puffiness is not caused by lack of sleep – where after time the swelling eases off, then you need to look for ways to help reduce the problem, that is, if it is not a condition that may need medical attention

Less severe puffiness of the skin below the eyes can arise from a number of instigators, some of these causes can be allergies or skin disorders i. e.dermatitis, where the affected area becomes irritating, red and itchy.

Another factor known to cause puffy eyes is fluid retention which can be encouraged by changes in the weather or hormone levels. Heredity is not ruled out either – so it can be a hand me down ailment.

Swollen type puffiness is not normally a symptom of seriousness or that of a cosmetic worry, but if what you see before you in the mirror causes you reason for concern (Elephant man) speak to your doctor. Reduce under eye puffiness (puffy eyes) by emptying our content of tips into your cosmetic bag and adhere to them as part of your beauty regime. Below are those tips.

One way to help prevent puffy eyes is by lifting (raising) your head from the bed at night time. By doing this you control any fluids from flooding around the eye area.

Find time to sit down and relax then apply a cool water (not freezing cold) compress to the skin below the eye for a couple of minutes. Another fine way to treat the puffiness is to use chilled slices of cucumber, a chilled gel mask or cold moist tea bags. These options are also very refreshing for tired eyes.

When using over the counter medicines always follow the instructions accordingly. The eyes are very sensitive – so be very careful how you treat them and with what you treat them with. It has been said that some unreliable confirmation that if haemorrhoid cream is applied to the puffy eyes it can reduce the puffiness. However unless there is proof, of which no clinical tests have evaluated its effectiveness as of yet, you must seek advice before usage. Using haemorrhoid cream is unadvisable unless you are advised to do so by a medical person, because, these creams can leave you with an uncomfortable sensation. Skin supporting the eye region is tender and delicate so because of this - haemorrhoid cream can cause irritation.

Creams as such can lead to dryness and inflammation. Watch for any signs of allergic reaction If the puffy eyes look severe and you see no sign of the swelling disappearing around (swelling/edema) or other parts of the body, then talk to a doctor, your GP will then be able to rule out other possible causes behind your puffy eyes like kidney or thyroid problems, puffiness can stem from the side effects of medication so be weary at all times of what you treat this condition with.

Remember that beauty comes from within, so regardless of having puffy eyes on the outside its what is on the inside that counts in feeling good about your self.

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