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What is fat? Does it serve a purpose? If you ask many on the street , they would assuredly tell you that fat is “bad" and that they need to get rid of theirs. While one can certainly possess too much fat, it does play a vital role in our daily lives and is misunderstood to say the least.

Both dietary fat and stored fat are necessary for survival, but it needs to be understood that dietary fat is certainly not the cause of excess stored fat.

In chemical terms, fat can best be defined as any group of natural esters of glycerol and various fatty acids that are solid at room temperature. This description best applies for saturated fats, but unsaturated fats are fats too. However, they are essentially the same ester groups of glycerol, only they are liquid at room temperature.

Fats play a large role that is often underplayed by those within the fitness community. Fat cannot be lived without. Fat serves as insulation for our internal organs. The heart, kidneys, and other organs are surrounded by adipose tissue which helps not only to protect them from injury, but to hold them in place as well.

Fat is also vital for the breakdown of the vitamins A, K, D, and E. In summation, fat is truly important for daily functions, which is why are bodies need a bare minimum of 12% for women and 7% for men. It protects our organs, regulates body temperature, nourishes our skin and helps fortify our bones, without which we'd be most certainly be dead.

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