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There are many forms of eye infection but many of them are commonly referred to as sore eyes. The most common ones are actually called conjunctivitis, periorbital cellulitis, Trauma and Stye. Other causes of eye infection are foreign bodies or chemicals in the eye.

Conjunctivitis (pink eye) may be viral or bacterial, and usually comes with a cold. The eye start to become reddish or yellowish discharge appears. This can usually be cured with antibiotic eye drops.

Someone with periorbital cellulitis has swollen and red tissue around the eye caused by bacterial infection. This could be due to a cold complication or an irritation to the eye caused by scratches, excessive rubbing, or insect bites.

Eye Trauma can be caused by a significant injury to the eye, caused by some small or sharp object.

A stye is a mild infection and swelling of the glands on the eyelid margin. Treatment to this condition consists of applying warm compress to the eye.

Common symptoms of eye infections are itchiness in the surrounding are of the eye. There is also a redness of the eye caused by the inflammation of the conjunctiva (a membrane). sometimes, the infection causes tears.

The discharge brought about by viral or bacterial infection is a salty mucous-like substance. When these discharges harden, they resembles large grains of salt.

Eye infections can can be easily transmitted. Persons with eye infections are advised to stay in isolation, avoiding unnecessary physical contact with other persons. Contamination can easily occur, and happens through touch-that is, eye to hand then hand to eye contamination. Viral and bacterial infection can easily be transmitted through the hands. When an individual rubs the sore eye, there is a high chance of some of the virus and bacteria to settle in the hands. Since the hand is used to touch things, it is easy to transfer the virus or bacteria to the environment. Thus, it becomes easier for other persons who touch the same things to also contract the virus or bacteria. It is not advisable to share eating utensils with persons who have eye infection.

Persons who have eye infection use shades when they meet other people. The reason for this is that many persons consider the red-eyed look to be not so appealing.

The recommended supplements for persons with eye infection are vitamins A and C, Colloidal Silver, Zinc, and Chamomile. Vitamin A is known to be good for the development of good eyesight and other eye functions. Vitamin C helps the body to fight infection. One may take Zinc, at moderate levels, to protect retinal cells from damages caused by antioxidants. Professional medical advice, however, may be necessary if one intends to take zinc supplements particularly targeted for the health of the eyes. Colloidal Silver is considered a natural antibiotic.

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