What is Causing Your Migraine Headache


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Hundreds of thousands of man hours are lost every year because people have to take time off with migraine headache pain. Some people experience several migraines a month, while others have only a few migraines throughout their lifetime. But the fact is, when a migraine sets in, it can be debilitating and very hard to carry on with the routine of everyday life. Work, chores even pleasurable activities seem impossible. More people suffer from migraines than diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined.

Often when the pain of headaches or migraines is intense, we reach for a bottle of whatever pain reliever is on hand. But what we should be doing is taking a closer look at what may actually be causing the pain in the first place. If you notice a certain pattern of foods or activities that seem to happen before you get the migraine headache you may have found one of your triggers and maybe you can find ways to prevent it. Maybe another medical condition or medicine is the cause of your migraine, hypoglycemia, tension, depression, tobacco, birth control pills, vasodilator drugs, water retention or menstruation.

Many migraine sufferers have turned to natural treatments once the cause has been determined. If stress is the culprit, you may find meditation or self-hypnosis an invaluable aid in relieving tension. If you suffer on a monthly basis because of menstruation or another hormone instability, herbal supplements formulated specifically for PMS symptoms will be beneficial. Some foods like Chocolate, Cheese, Nuts or any food containing MSG may cause a headache and therefore should be avoided. But until you have tried to narrow down the causes you may find your migraine or headache keeps coming back.

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The Best Ways To Treat Migraine Headache
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