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Purchasing your own home tanning bed can be a great choice if you tan yourself regularly. Installing a tanning bed in your own home means greater convenience and saving money on trips to a tanning salon, but there is a downside. If you are using a commercial tanning bed the salon deals with all of the maintenance issues, cleans the beds and supplies the essentials you will need for your tanning session. Upon purchasing your own home tanning bed, those responsibilities become your own.

The first thing you will need to purchase is a pair of protective goggles. A salon provides goggles to all of their customers, and you should not underestimate the importance of this item and be tempted not to bother purchasing your own pair. The eyes are a delicate organ and particularly susceptible to damage from ultraviolet rays. You should use proper pair of protective goggles which will completely block out the UV rays from the sun bed. Using a normal pair of sunglasses or, worse, just closing your eyes will not provide sufficient protection from the harmful effects. Tanning goggles are inexpensive and can protect you from dangers such as cataracts and damage to your retina, which can be permanent and significantly affect your vision.

The second thing you will need to buy is a good tanning lotion. When using a commercial tanning bed there is always an attendant at hand who can answer your queries and help find the best tanning lotion for your needs and your skin type. If you are tanning at home make sure you have researched the best tanning lotions. The most appropriate one for you may not be the most expensive, it is the ingredients which affect whether it is a good buy for you and the quality may not vary much whether it is a budget buy or top of the range. For instance, if you are fair skinned you should be limiting your tanning sessions as much as possible as those with a ‘Celtic’ complexion are most at risk from the danger of tanning beds. Therefore, you may want to invest in a tanning lotion containing DHA. This is the active ingredients in self tanners, so if you are fair skinned and crave a deep tan this can help you achieve the rich colour you desire, but more quickly and with less risk to your health.

You should also only use tanning lotions especially designed for use in tanning beds, as regular sun tan lotions can be greasy and will cause build up and potentially damage the bed itself. This could necessitate the replacing the acrylic shield.

If you have your own tanning bed, you will need to take proper care of it to keep it working effectively. This includes buying a good tanning bed cleaner, which should be specially formulated for cleaning acrylic. Using an incorrect cleaner can damage the bed so you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for suitable cleaning products. Tanning beds should be given a quick wipe after every use to avoid build up, which can reduce the effectiveness of the bulbs through limiting the UV exposure. Most beds only require a thorough clean once a year.

Finally, you will need replacement bulbs. Always ensure these spare bulbs are compatible with your make and model of tanning bed. The bulbs only require replacing around every 3 to 5 years, but it is a good idea to keep spares supplies in case of unexpected burn outs.

The right tanning bed supplies can keep your bed working efficiently and help you keep yourself safe.

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