Acne On The Scalp


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We all know what acne looks like and that is usually on your face, chest, arms or back. Did you know that acne can show up on other parts of the body? You know that acne is a skin condition, therefore it makes sense that acne can show up anywhere on your body. One place acne can show up that most people have not heard of is the scalp.

Scalp acne is a mild form of acne and is also called scalp folliculitis. It shows up more that you realize. This is a form of acne that can be triggered by stress. It is quite an irritating scalp condition as you can imagine. Also, when the scalp becomes oilier than usual, this can trigger scalp acne. Other culprits are infrequent hair washing and hair care products with oil.

A common complaint of those who suffer from scalp acne is that it is very itchy which makes it extremely difficult to keep you hands off of it. When it is very mild the pustules appear on the forehead at the hairline. There can be just a few pustules or several and they are small, crusty and sore.

There is also a more severe form of scalp acne called acne necrotica miliaris. This type of scalp acne is characterized by inflamed larger papules with black-colored crusts. This type of acne is known to cause scarring that looks like the type of scars chicken pox form. Another type of very severe scalp acne can be found in anyone, but is found mostly in adult African-American men. This form of acne shows up as a combination of large cysts and small pustules and papules that grow large.

Scalp Acne Treatment

The first form of scalp acne discussed in this article is the mild form and may be treated the way most other acne is treated. Be sure to keep the affected area clean by using a product that contains salicylic acid. Because these types of products can cause excessive dryness be sure to use them only on the affected area. Try using a cotton ball or cotton swab for better control when applying the medication.

Oily hair can be a contributing factor to scalp acne, so be sure to use shampoo formulated for oily hair and scalp. Hair care products designed especially to treat seborrhea have also been used successfully. And since many people use more than just shampoo on their hair, it's a good idea to check the labels on all hair care products and make changes as necessary.

Never attempt to treat the more severe forms of scalp acne without first speaking to a doctor or a dermatologist.

You should be aware that one thing not to be used to treat scalp acne is any product that contains benzoyl peroxide. When the peroxide comes into contact with your hair, it can change the color of your hair. Those who have chemically-textured their hair (for example those with perms) or color-treated their hair are most prone to hair trouble when benzoyl peroxide comes into contact with hair.

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