Physical Conditions Associated With Anxiety


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Don't worry so much - something that people often say, often rather flippantly. The fact is, however, it's good advice - worrying and anxiety can lead to other more serious problems, both emotional and physical.

Recently, researchers at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada did some studies of the links between anxiety disorders and physical illnesses. These studies showed links between anxiety and physical conditions such as arthritis, allergies, respiratory illness, migraine headaches and thyroid disease in some participants.

It has also been shown that the longer a person deals with an anxiety disorder, the more likely other physical problems are to occur. Some disorders can cause biological changes that contribute to the physical illnesses, other cause physical problems through less direct means such as when someone develops a substance abuse problem as a way to deal with their anxiety.

Traditional medical treatments such as drugs are often recommended for anxiety disorders and have been effective for many people. There are drawbacks to these treatment methods, however. Some of them, such as Valium and Xanax are potentially addictive and can cause negative side effects of their own.

If possible, less severe treatments such as therapy and alternative treatments should be attempted and drugs should be considered a last resort. In many cases, anxiety can be eased by simple self-help methods such as a healthy diet, exercise and relaxation methods

Psychotherapy is another common solution for anxiety disorders and does not have the risks that can come with medication. Its results can vary, however, and they are largely dependent on the skills of the therapist.

Always consult with your doctor or another medical professional before pursuing any particular treatment program. They will be able to help you properly diagnose the problem and its underlying causes, and offer the best treatment program for your particular case.

Shane Baxter discusses various anxiety treatment methods on the Anxiety Action website. For more information about anxiety and stress disorders, visit


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Understanding the Physical Symptoms of Anxiety and Stress
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