Tanning Bed Tips – Basics for Achieving a Good Tan


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If you wish to use a tanning bed to achieve a deep tan there are some basic tips you can follow to optimise their effectiveness. Following these guidelines is also beneficial for practising safe tanning, and lessening the associated risks of tanning beds such as malignant melanoma and pterygium.

Your primary consideration when using a tanning bed should be what is suitable for your skin type. In general, a novice tanner, particularly those who are fair skinned or freckled, should only use the tanning bed for around 5 minutes for their initial sessions. Once you have a good base tan (which takes around 8 sessions) you will be able to increase the length of time you tan for, although it is not recommended to go above 15 minutes. It is also best to limit your sessions to no more than 3 times a week at first and increase them up to a maximum of 5 sessions. Once you have achieved your desired tan, cut down sessions as much as possible and only visit the tanning salon frequently enough to maintain your tan.

If you are tempted to tan for longer than suggested in order to achieve a deeper tan you may end up with burns. Burning your skin is not, contrary to popular belief, going to lead to a deep tan and in the long term it will be detrimental to your looks as your beautiful golden tan will be marred by dry skin and signs of premature ageing, not to mention having potential dangers to your health. This risk will be increased further still if you also choose to tan daily. The salon owner can help advise you if you are uncertain about what tanning regime is most suitable for you.

Choose a good tanning lotion and look for one specially formulated for your skin type. These will help you achieve a golden tan more quickly, as Tyrosine, the active ingredient in most tanning bed lotions, helps stimulate the production of melanin. The secondary function of these lotions is to moisturise the skin. The effectiveness of a tanning bed can be halved if you have improperly cared for skin, as dry skin reflects the UV rays. Moisturiser also prolongs the effects of the tan. As an alternative or addition to a tanning bed lotion, some tanning enthusiasts also use a tan accelerator.

Always wear protective goggles while using the tanning bed. Not only do these help prevent signs around the delicate eye area, they could save your sight. Exposure to UV rays has been linked to a much greater risk of cataracts and more serious conditions such as cancer of the retina, which could leave you blind.

If you adhere to these simple guidelines you will soon achieve a beautiful tan.

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