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How to get rid of warts - That is a question that is yet to be answered with complete certainty by even the smartest of doctors, warts are still a common problem in our society and after much research and testing, we are all still not able to discover how to get rid of warts for good.

The good news is that they are not usually all that serious a problem, they are not nice, they do not look good and they can spread all over your body but there is little chance of them doing very serious harm to you.

There are different types of warts you can get such as:

Flat warts - These are are small and round in shape and can spread very easily, usually from things like simply scratching and cuts. These are most common on the face and on the legs but a large problem with them is the fact that they can sometimes appear in large groups at once.

Plantar warts - These are warts that will appear on your foot and they are often quite painful with the fact that your body weight is constantly pressing on them. If you do get any plantar warts then it is advisable to stay away from places such as athletic events as while changing you can easily spread them to other athletes.

Genital warts - These are the most dreaded of all warts simply because of the placement of them. You can get these warts via *** contact with other people.

So, how do i get rid of them?

There are many different methods and theories for getting rid of warts, some of these include:

Getting them removed by a doctor - This is the easiest and quickest way of all as you can get a wart removed usually within around ten minutes by a doctor and it does not hurt at all, you receive an injection that will make the area around the wart go numb and then the doctor will remove it.

Avoid contact with it - It is quite common for warts to simply dissappear naturally after a while so if you have one, it would be a good idea to avoid touching or cutting it as these will make it much easier to spread and if that happens then obviously there is less chance of becoming wart free anytime soon.

Keep as dry as possible - Warts are more likely to appear in a damp environment, especially plantar warts, so if you can keep as dry as possible, within reason, there will be less chance of a wart finding an environment to grow in.

Warts are not particularly dangerous or sore in most cases, however, they are not nice at all and you will not like having them, so, I suggest you do all you can to both prevent them and to know how to fight them if you do get any.

There are many more ways in which you can fight warts than those outlined in this article and until there is a certain cure discovered there will more than likely be more and more methods to fight them created.

Two things you must remember - If you feel that a wart is particularly dangerous or worse than normal, you should contact your doctor and if you get genital warts, you should always contact your doctor without trying to fight them yourself.

Make sure you are taking the correct action before taking any action at all, do not follow these methods unless you are 100% sure you should.

If you want to learn a TON of ways to fight warts in all shapes and sizes, check out. . .

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