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The combustible younger generation! Can they tolerate or accept any nuisance with their cheeks? How dare this acne land on your face, all over, suddenly, when they were least expected? You feel like catching each one of them, bury and hang them! The level of your frustration is too difficult to control! Teen age acne is not only a health problem; it is a hard psychological problem as well.

If this problem could be solved by strikes, demonstrations and protests, the teenagers would have resorted to these forms of actions, without delay. But, here is a different type challenge for the teenager. He has to remain calm, and develop his own strategies to treat this individual problem. Because, more stress means more acne. You know, stress has been counted as one of the definite causes of acne.

Young man, take the attack of acne in the right spirit. It is the first protest of your body mechanism, against your style of handling it. Have you ever applied proper thought, how you eat, what you eat? Cold ice cream, hot coffee, junk food, oily stuff, chocolates after chocolates! Well, I am not blaming any one or all of these products as such. But this is the time for you to make a review of the food habits.

You are a young man or a young lady; you have strength; this is the age, when your body will have the maximum resistance power, in spite of the acne attack that you presently suffer. Instead of pounding the stock of over the counter medications and experimenting with them, switch over to the natural way of living.

You can continue to eat lavishly as much as you wish to eat. I am not advising you to fast. But do give lots of importance to fruits and fresh seasonal vegetables, which will be highly beneficial to you in the long run.

The worried lot of acne and skin care scientists and researchers is unable to find a definite remedy for the problem of acne so far. They have stumbled across a rare find such as Rooibos tea. Japanese scientists in particular are greatly enamored about the high medicinal value of this tea.

Scientists all over the world are also involved in the research. It is reported to have age fighting properties. It has delivered great results in skin and health care products. The Rooibos extract contains antioxidants, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Just watch your acne for about 2 weeks. Most probably, it will go in the way it arrived, quietly. Thereafter, if need be, consult your dermatologist, but let your emphasis be on the natural products.

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