Hygiene Of The Oral Cavity Is A Pledge Of Your Teeth Health


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In this article you’ll learn how important hygiene of the oral cavity for the saving of beauty and health, both teeth, and the entire oral cavity is.

Among the leading dentists of the world there is an opinion, that hygiene of the oral cavity provides health to teeth in 85-90 %, and in such a way it reduces the necessity of treatment in 75-80 % in future. Thus, in civilized countries parents train their children in hygiene of the oral cavity from the very early age.

Our teeth and gums are created by the nature so that they should maintain not an easy chewing work, but despite of it they are very vulnerable to the daily contact with the food we use. If not to give the required attention to the cavity of the mouth, the person will lose all the teeth, even the strongest by nature, at rather a young age. A very important factor is that the teeth which have not been cured in time can become the reason of complications which are fatally dangerous for a human body. Many patients are mistaken in their thought that it is enough to use an expensive tooth-paste and to get a tooth-brush of the good brand. Also the opinion that the oral cavity demands care only in the morning and in the evening is wrong, it is necessary to care about the oral cavity during all the day.

To save the oral cavity healthy it is necessary:

  • to clean teeth with the toothbrush and toothpaste thoroughly
  • to clean up the oral cavity after every meal
  • to care about the interdental gaps
  • to attend the dentist regularly
  • to correct the system of eating

    The food that we regularly eat has greatly changed its character. The soft animal fats and refined carbohydrates do our teeth a lot of harm.

    If there is an opportunity it is necessary to include apples, carrots and other hard vegetables, desirable raw, into your daily diet; because they massage the gums, strengthen the ligamentous apparatus of the teeth, clean the teeth from the yellow strike which can become a reason of different illnesses. Every day you must clean your teeth at least twice within two minutes.

    So that the oral cavity would stay healthy it is very important to choose the good toothpaste which will suit your teeth exactly. The cheap toothpastes that are often advertised on TV include too rough damaging the tooth-enamel abrasives and in this way they do harm not use. Nowadays, the shop-counters are full with different kinds of toothpaste, such as toothpaste for sensitive teeth, for preventive maintenance of caries and gum-illnesses, whitening toothpastes, etc.

    Your dentist will help you to choose the paste suitable for your teeth exactly. The best thing is to clean your teeth every time after each meal, but at work or at your friend’s place you may not to have a toothpaste with you. In these cases you can rinse your mouth with water, or better with a special rinser for the oral cavity. If you don’t have even such an opportunity, then use a chewing gum without sugar.

    You should always have a tooth-thread with you; it can make the care about the oral cavity much easier. The tooth-thread cleans out the interdentdal gaps of the putrefactive rests of the food and thus prevents from the maintenance of caries of the interdental surfaces of the teeth. It’s necessary to use the tooth-thread after every meal. Not less important factor is regular attending your dentist. The oral cavity is thoroughly controlled by your doctor, who can cure the illnesses at the earliest stages. The regular and correct treatment of the oral cavity saves a pretty sum of your money. Your visiting the dentist will become only preventive during all your life. Your teeth will stay beautiful and white, and gums will be healthy.

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