Lose Weight By Releasing Your Fears


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Have you ever wondered why there are thousands of diets yet we, as a society, are getting fatter? Or on those rare occasions when a diet does happen to work and a person is successful in reaching their goal weight it usually doesn't last. Within a short period of time their weight returns to where they started or they become even heavier.

Or have you ever wondered why some very successful overweight people, people who seem to be able to do everything right can't lose weight. They might have wonderful relationships, wealth, and happiness but no matter how long or how hard they can't seem to lose the weight.

It's not that all those diets are flawed (although many are not safe). It's not that all the overweight people in the world have no self-control or lack inner strength. The real reason is that by restricting food through will power is not addressing the problem within you. Being overweight has nothing to do with the food you eat. There are emotional reasons why you are overweight. As you dig into the various emotional hooks to food they are always have fear at their roots.

Being overweight is a sort of shield that you build to protect you from the outside world. When you feel scared, insecure and not safe, you surround yourself in a protective cocoon. The good news is that once you feel safe the cocoon naturally and easily goes away.

At this point you might be saying to yourself (especially if you're a man) “I'm not scared, I don't feel scared of anything. ” Or perhaps you are attuned to your emotions and you realize that there is some fear there but you just don't realize the depth of your fear. Most of the fear we have as adults we have learned to suppress, put aside or compensate for. We do our best to hide our fears from others and ourselves. We tuck away our fears in the deepest recesses of our mind and once tucked away we bury them in fat.

These fears that pollute our being usually occurred during our childhood and fester on to this day. You might have been picked on as a child, or been ridiculed by a teacher or the most common is to have parents that were not as nurturing as you needed them to be.

It really doesn't matter what your fears are, the only thing that required is that you release them and to know that you are safe. The first step is to forgive those who made you feel less than the magnificent person then you truly are.

Repeat and remember this:

Everyone in the world is doing the best they know how.

If your parents were not nurturing, or if they were critical towards you please don't be angry with them. They were doing the best they could at the time. The way they acted towards you had roots in how they were treated by their parents and others. The same holds true for your childhood friends and teachers or whoever might have made you feel less than who your truly are. Forgive whoever it was because they were only doing the best they knew how at the time.

Now that you have forgiven them you can more on to releasing those fears. Once you have identified a childhood fear or criticism locate where in your body you feel that fear. Usually it's in the heart or stomach area. Once located close your eyes and imagine holding a drinking straw in your hand. Place your hand over the area where you feel your fear and as you take a few deep breaths imagine the fear flowing out of you through the straw. Your fears evaporate as soon as they reach the fresh air at the end of the straw. As you are doing this process repeat to yourself; “I am willing to release this and all fears to the Universe because I am safe, I am willing to be healed” Continue to do this until you feel a sense of relief within your body and repeat this process whenever you feel fear, stress or any negative emotion.

Also throughout the day say to yourself “I am safe and I release the need for me to be overweight, I am safe.

It is our sincere hope that you accept this view of yourself. We believe it, but none of this will help you unless you believe and apply this for yourself.

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What Makes Men Lose Their Commitment Fears
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