How to Avoid Having Heartburn During Holidays With 10 Easy Tips

Christopher Wen

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The festive seasons are just round the corner. It is time for merry and joy and lots of great festive food. But for people with heartburn or acid reflux, festive seasons can turn into a nightmare for them. With all the food and drinks, the last thing one want to see is the dreadful acid reflux attacks. To help you to overcome the pain and unhappiness that acid reflux might bring to you in the coming holidays, here are 10 great and easy acid reflux tips to help you with that.

  1. Try to not overeat. Great food can tasty and delicious, you too can eat some, but never eat too much. Large amount of food in your stomach will cause the esophageal sphincter to relax and cause acid reflux.
  2. Avoid eating too much high fat food. If there are too much fat in your meal, it will stay in your stomach longer instead of going down the small intestine. This will increase the chance of having acid reflux.
  3. Try not to eat food that can directly irritate inflamed esophagus. Examples are citrus juice or tomatoes.
  4. Avoid bending over, lifting heavy stuffs, or exercising after a meal. This will put pressure on your stomach and might worsen heartburn.
  5. Holiday season is a time for you to relax. So try to relax more during these times. Stress and anxiety can aggravate your acid reflux heartburn.
  6. Do not lie down on a full stomach. Also, avoid eating or drinking 4 hours before you sleep. This will allow enough time for the digestion in your stomach to take place and flow into small intestine.
  7. Avoid eating drinks that can irritate your esophagus. Examples are soft drinks, coffee, or alcohol. If you really want to drink some, try to keep it to a minimum.
  8. Try not to eat those foods that can cause esophageal sphincter to relax easily. Examples of these are onions, chocolate, or food with high fat content.
  9. make a good choice of food what to eat and what not to eat at parties. If you know which can give you less trouble, then you are saving yourself lots of pains and discomfort.
  10. lastly, why not you bring some food yourself to holiday party. That way, you are able to control the fat content of the favorite party food you like to eat. Try to bring low fat dip or low fat spreads. Then, you can really enjoy the party with food that you can eat safely.

Right, here are the 10 holiday tips for you. Make good use of them and you will definitely enjoy your next holiday, heartburn-free.

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