Giving Your Face A Cosmetic Botox Treatment


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The long vertical bands often visible at the front of the neck are caused by the displacement of the edges of the muscle, which lies under the skin. The problem will cause to worsen if left untreated. However, cosmetic botox treatment offers a temporary and fairly satisfactory, easing of the problem. When the muscle bands are very prominent, cosmetic botox does not completely eliminate the lines but helps to soften them. Sometimes it even seems to ease the horizontal rings on the neck as well.

Besides, cosmetic botox can also be used to raise the outside portion of the eyebrows by injection just below the eyebrows into the muscle that pulls the brow down. Paralyzing this muscle allows the muscles that lift the eyebrow to act unopposed, resulting in a significant lift.

Cosmetic botox has also been proven effective in interrupting the impulses to the sweat glands under the arms, allowing control of excessive sweating in this area. Those who suffer hyperhydrosis, as it is called, are most grateful of the relief afforded. Most unexpectedly, cosmetic botox has been widely reported to stop migraine headaches.

One of the predictable benefits of cosmetic botox that has not yet been realized is its use to prevent the development of wrinkles, rather than in the treatment of established wrinkles. If small doses of botox are used in areas such as outside the eyes and in the glabella, the ubiquitous smile lines and glabellar frown lines would very likely never develop. This would require a long-term regimen and we simply have not been using botox long enough to deem this true.

The cost of cosmetic botox treatments varies according to the amount and concentration used and the individual doctor. It is a very expensive product to purchase and some feel that dilution and minimal dosage is an effective way to keep costs down. Fees for treatment of the forehead and crow's feet range from $700 to $1600. While the techniques are not rocket science, one should be skeptical.

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A Botox Face Injection Will Ensure No Cloudy Days
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