Correct Choice Of A Tooth-Paste


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Try the tooth-pastes preventing the formation of the dental tartar.

If you have the dental stone, such tooth-pastes will help you. It does not stop the formation of the dental stone, but considerably slows down this process (on 30 - 40 percents).

Does the tooth-paste protect from the caries?

While cleaning the teeth the main thing is that you should know the correct technics of this procedure, the paste plays here only a supporting role.

Use tooth-pastes which contain fluorine. Why with fluorine? It is well combined with the substances contained in saliva, and promotes strengthening of teeth, preventing the disease of caries both by children, and by adults. You may be sure, that you won’t have caries, but with the years the line of gums alights, exposing roots of teeth, which do not have enough protective enamel. It promotes destruction of teeth.

The whitening paste.

The whiteness of the teeth lost because of nicotine effect, tea or red wine may be returned with the help of the paste possessing the bleach – a rough grinding substance which works as abrasive paper and can damage the tooth enamel.

The teeth which are yellowish from the birth or having lost their inherent whiteness because of the use of some medicines can’t be saved even with the bleach.

The tooth-pastes with the bleaches should be used as seldom as possible only under the conditions when you begin a struggle with some bad habit, such as smoking, for example.

Don’t rely on the “miracle-making" rinsing liquids.

The tooth stone and scurf can’t be removed by the simple rinsing. The TV-adds look so attractive: a drink of the liquid, some rinsing movements, and all the scurf disappears.

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