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A tummy tuck is a major medical procedure to eliminate excess skin and fat from the lower and middle abdomen and tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. This procedure has become increasingly popular over the last few years so much so that a large number of men as well as women undergo the operation each year. The procedures correct medical term is abdominoplasty, but it has become much more commonly known as a tummy tuck thanks mainly to the number of celebrities who had the operation and increased its popularity. Although regarded as a major cosmetic surgery procedure, both men and women generally have to be in good shape and health. But want to rid themselves of large fat deposits around their abdomen or have an excess of loose skin they wish to be removed.

It is mostly women who opt for tummy tuck surgery particularly after childbirth, as bearing children leaves many women with a slightly disfigured stomach caused by accumulation of excess fat around the lower abdomen which also stretches the skin and loosens up the abdominal muscles. The standard tummy tuck procedure restores the shape of your highly disfigured lower stomach area by removing any excess fat and skin accumulated around the lower abs. The naval is removed and repositioned after the excess skin and fat has been removed. Any stretch marks are generally taken care of during the tightening stage as well as restoring the position of the naval.

There are many surgeons who offer this procedure if you are seriously considering this option I would recommend you do some intensive research before committing yourself. Things you may want to check into are obviously how much does it cost for the procedure? How long is the recovery time? Where can I have it done? A lot of your questions can be answered by the surgeon you choose but it is wise to do some background research so you have an understanding of what to expect, this will also help you during your consultations with your surgeon to understand the process and what is involved.

Your main concern really after finding you are a suitable candidate for the tummy tuck procedure should be to find a well qualified plastic surgeon that has performed many of these abdominoplasty operations in the past, and can show you evidence of this and that he is registered by the right authorities. Choosing the right surgeon is critical and not just a case of picking a name from the phone book . Pick the right surgeon and be realistic about your expectations and follow the advice given and you should be happy with the outcome.

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