How Excercise Can Help Reduce Stress


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Far more often than we would like to admit we get too stressed out during our work days. From fighting traffic to even get to our job, to dealing with surly bosses, co-workers and customers, life has a way of producing a ton of stress.

While this may not seem like a big deal, stress can destroy our body over time. That's why exercise can be so beneficial to keeping us healthy.

Now, when most people hear the word exercise, they get images of people sweating and falling down out of breath. It doesn't need to be that way. Here's a few simple ways to get some daily exercise and reduce your stress level.


This is the best form of exercise by far for your health. It's, easy to do, it's cheap, and best of all, it works! Simply put on a pair of comfortable sneakers and head out for a 15-30 minute walk.


Perhaps a little more strenuous exercise is more your style. No problem. You can easily join an aerobics class and really get a great workout.

Other activities like basketball, tennis, golf or racquetball are great in reducing stress and building endurance.

Even a treadmill in the comfort of your home can provide all the exercise you need. You can even walk on it while watching TV.

Regardless of what kind of activity you enjoy, the key is getting started. By getting some daily exercise you can eliminate stress from your life and be on the right path to a healthier lifestyle.

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