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Hair loss is a natural phenomenon of the hair development phase. In fact, a person looses 40-60 hairs a day. Increase in the rate of falling hair becomes the major cause of baldness. Even though there are numerous reasons for hair loss, 95% of the cases, hair loss is due to Androgenetic Alopecia, often termed as male or female pattern hair loss. This trouble of hair loss occurs frequently in males as compared to females, and this has been the major situation in the United States.

Causes of hair loss:

There are numerous causes for hair loss. Some of the most common causes are mentioned below:

1. Hormonal imbalances are a major cause of hair loss. If your thyroid glands are overactive or less active then problems related to hair loss may occur.

2. Long term illness or a major surgery.

3. Use of some medicines also results in hair loss and this type of hair loss may be temporary or permanent. Some of the medicines that results in hair loss are anticoagulants, gout medicines, birth control pills, excessive use of vitamin A and antidepressants.

4. Hair loss may occur due to a basic disease such as diabetes or lupus.

5. Another common reason that results in hair loss is use of bleaches, relaxes to color hair for fashion and style. It is often seen that hair becomes ‘soapy’ in texture and easily breaks off after use of such chemical stuffs.

How to stop hair loss?

Hair loss does not mean that you have to say goodbye to hairsprays, hair dyes or other hair products. There is no way that these items will contribute to the problem. If you intend to reduce or stop your hair loss then you need to read the following guidelines.

1 Hair loss is often caused due to lack of Iron efficiency in your body. You need to have lots of iron, which includes lean red meat, offal, egg yolks, leafy vegetables, and pulses.

2 Rogaine is also said to reduce hair loss by quite a margin, if your hair loss has just begun. It is a lotion that needs to be applied to the scalp.

3 If you still feel that, your hair needs severe measures to protect against hair loss then you might want to consider to hair transplants. Hair Transplants are a useful treatment for preventing hair loss for both men and women.

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