Gain Weight And Burn Body Fat- Shortcut Secrets To Gain Muscle Weight Fast- Part 3

Frank Sherrill

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Secret 5: Essential Meal Timing

While, it might be socially acceptable to eat just 3 times a day, that’s not acceptable for those who are serious about putting on lean muscle mass without putting on lumps of fat. You've heard all the benefits of performance nutrition and eating 5-6 times a day but re-read this. . . Quality muscle gain without putting on fat requires a high metabolism AND an excess number of calories. In order to do just that, you need to eat frequently. That means 5-6 times a day (or more). Secret 6: Eat, Eat and Eat Again

Don't feel hungry? Eat.

Now in most cases, that is against the current movement but in reality, if you want to put on quality mass you have to eat regardless of your hunger levels. Eating based on your mood is not the path to healthy weight gain. Countless people tell me they cannot eat like a 200 lb bodybuilder. That's because they are not a 200 lb bodybuilder. Once they eat more, gain muscle mass, they will be and it will seem like nothing to eat like a 200 lb bodybuilder.

Fortunately today there are a host of RTD (ready to drink) protein products in the market. Buy a couple and take them to work. Use the ones that contain casein and whey proteins (for more info regarding types of proteins look for my article on whey protein)This doesn't mean stuffing yourself, gorging on food or getting sick. It means eating more and more gradually over time in order to prime your body for more frequent meal times. Slowly start adding more food to your portions until you've nailed your perfect weight gain calorie needs. As you eat more and small but frequent meals, you won't feel stuffed and your body will become more efficient at digesting and breaking down foods. What this means to you is. . . A higher metabolic rate and more calories!These are the two essential keys to putting on weight without gaining a lot of body fat! So please re-read the above again, it’s that important.

Additional Tips

* Drink water. With your additional meals and workouts, you'll want to ensure you are properly hydrated. * Engage in a resistance training program. Building muscle is a priority during your bulking phase. Since you will have plenty of energy from your carbohydrate sources, you’ll feel fueled and primed. You’ll get some of the most intense workouts of your life.

So get to it, now is an opportune time to build muscle. * Limit your cardio workouts. Cardio workouts are a tool. Use it sparingly depending on your metabolism. If you feel like you aren't putting on weight, reduce the amount of cardio you are doing. If you feel like you are putting on a bit too much fat, increase the cardio. * Take weekly weight and body fat measurements. By taking a weekly measurement, you can see if the weight you are putting on is fat or muscle.

Frank Sherrill is a former U. S. Army Ranger, martial arts expert and the creator of the Bully Xtreme Portable Home Gym which offers up to 600 lbs of resistance and 82 muscle pumping exercises. Frank has written hundreds of articles about Isometric Exercise, Static Contraction and the Bullworker. Learn how to build your body and turbo-charge your metabolism without drugs, using his little know secrets by visiting Bullworker . To receive Frank's free muscle building report and free monthly newsletter, visit


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How to Gain Muscle Weight Fast Eating 6 Meals Per Day
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