How to Take On That Hot Flash Symptom and Win


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You’re listening intently at the morning meeting when you feel your heat rate increase. “Uh-Oh" you think, this isn’t the first time you’ve felt this. You feel an intense heat in your face and upper body. “Please don’t let a headache start" you beg. That’s the anxiety kicking in. You hear your boss say something about “procedural changes" as your knees feel weak and you begin yet another doodle on your note pad to keep your head in the game while you wait to see how this one will end: chills or no chills? “At least they keep me guessing, " you tell yourself in a last desperate cling to optimism.

On average a hot flash symptom lasts 4 minutes. But some women report hot flashes lasting from 20 minutes to an hour. Along with vertigo, nausea, dizziness, perspiration, heart palpitations and anxiety, a hot flash symptom can occur infrequently or even 15 times a day or more. There’s no scientific measurement of how your hot flashes will affect you or when they’ll end, for that matter, since they vary significantly in each woman.

Perhaps even more frustrating is the seemingly unfair fact that while you're still menstruating, you will most likely develop hot flashes. Also, the faster your body transitions from peri-menopause – regular period to no period – the more intensely you’ll experience the hot flash symptom. Unfortunately, for about 10-15% of women their hot flash symptoms will be so severe that they will be compelled to seek medical attention. One silver lining to hang onto is that over time your hot flash symptom will diminish.

If the thought of a hot flash symptom frightens you, take heart. Just a few simple tips can help alleviate your discomfort. For starters, wear layered, cotton clothing. If you can’t change your inner temperature you can at least control the temperature of your outward environment. A glass of cold water can also do wonders. When you feel a hot flash symptom grab a quick drink of water. If the coolness of the drink doesn’t reduce the heat you’re feeling, the fluid will help hydrate your body since we all know there will be sweating involved.

Knowing your hot flash symptom triggers is another significant tool in alleviating your discomfort. Common triggers are alcohol, smoking, stress, hot and humid weather, spicy foods, and foods with high-acid content. It’s not known exactly why some things trigger a hot flash symptom, but accepting what your personal triggers are will benefit you for the length of time that you experience menopause.

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