What Is The Cause Of Low Blood Pressure?


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What Is The Cause Of Low Blood Pressure?

While you may know and understand the health risks behind having high blood pressure, not too many people know that low blood pressure can be a serious health problem of its own. So, what is behind the cause of low blood pressure? Here's a closer look.

Low blood pressure, which is also called Hypotension, will be diagnosed whenever blood pressure readings remain below 90/60 on a consistent basis. Why is this a problem? We all want lower blood pressure. While that is true, having too low of a reading can cause dizziness, lightheadedness and fainting. In severe cases it can lead to low blood flow to the brain which in turn can lead to shock and heart attacks.

What Are The Common Causes Of Low Blood Pressure?

Antidepressants - Are you taking antidepressants? If so, different ones can cause all sorts of different reactions within your body. Talk to your doctor about any changes in your health when taking various prescription drugs.

High Blood Pressure Medication - This is a big culprit. When you're being given medications to control your high blood pressure, often times it can lead to low blood pressure. That is why follow up visits with your doctor are so important when starting any new treatment program.

Alcohol - If you're not aware, drinking alcohol can have a dangerous effect on your blood pressure.

Heart Medications - Diuretics - Anti-Anxiety Medications - All of these can lead to a dramatic drop in blood pressure readings and must be monitored carefully.

Some other causes of low blood pressure can be:

Dehydration - Heart Attack - Fainting - Shock - Low Blood Sugar - Diabetes

One of the more common causes is not related to having a medical condition, but it can be from getting up suddenly from a lying down position. This can easily happen quite often to anyone and is not in and of itself an area of concern.

If you do experience any of these causes of low blood pressure, call your doctor or health care provider immediately. Let them know what is going on as this can be a signal of more serious issues.

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