Hair Loss and Your Thyroid


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Rapid hair loss may be noticed as a symptom of hyperthyroidism, or hypothyroidism. During a crisis of the body, hair cells may shut down in order to redirect that energy elsewhere. A situation like hormonal changes, poor diet or a nutritional deficiency, a new medication, surgery, or a medical condition can cause rapid hair loss – But one of the most prevalent causes of rapid hair loss is thyroid disease. The following should be considered when dealing with hair loss:

  • Get evaluated by a dermatologist first.

  • Make sure that it is not caused by a side-effect of your thyroid drug.

  • Make sure that are not being under-treated.

  • Consult a doctor to make sure you do not have any nutritional deficiencies or poor diet problems that may be correctable.

  • Consider alternative treatments.

    Hair can be a barometer of health, as hair cells are some of the fastest growing cells in the body. Oftentimes the worst symptom of a thyroid problem is hair loss, whether it is through thinning hair, large amounts falling out in the shower or at the sink, or severe changes in the hair’s texture, making it difficult to deal with, tangling it easily.

    Make sure to get an evaluation first, before assuming that it is your thyroid causing the problem. A dermatologist can evaluate your hair loss to rule out certain potential causes, like infection. Make sure to be patient, it may take time after a new treatment is started before you will experience the results you want. The loss will slow down and likely eventually stop if you start a new hyperthyroidism medication, but it can often take a few months before you will see these changes.

    Make sure that you understand the common types of hair loss; general shedding, alopecia and male pattern hair loss (which surprisingly enough, women can get just as easily). General shedding is hair that is lost all throughout the head, especially during a shower or while brushing your hair. Alopecia involves circular patches, and often entails complete loss of hair in these areas. Finally, male (or in many cases female) pattern hair loss is concentrated on the temples and the top of the head, but typically does not move further than those points.

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    Hair Loss Aloe Vera Treatment And Other Natural Hair Loss Treatments
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