Getting Relief From Acid Reflux Symptoms Through Adjusting Your Sleeping Postures


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You may find it extremely disruptive experiencing acid reflux symptoms in the night. However, your symptoms appear to come on more often when you are sleeping. If you are wondering why this is so; well, the reason is that your sleeping postures are causing more acid to back up to your esophagus. This usually happens when your head is not propped up enough. Not having a good night of sleep can lower the quality of your life. You not only have to deal with your pain in the night but wake up feeling exhausted and depressed, thus giving your day a poor start.

Luckily there are products in the market to help address this issue. One such product to reduce your acid reflux symptoms in the night are specially designed pillows. A solution to correcting your sleeping postures would easily have been for you to sleep with multiple pillows. However, if you have tried this, you would have found it difficult to keep to this position the whole night without moving and having all your top few pillows falling off. So this means that you basically end up with just using one pillow, a position that is likely that puts you at risk of developing acid reflux symptoms in the night.

Specially designed pillows such as jumbo pillows can keep you wedged up when sleeping. These pillows have stronger bases and come complete with foam at the bottom so that you would not find it easy to slip off them.

Another great invention is bed raisers which can be used at bedtime. You may think about using bricks or books to accomplish the task of raising the bed. However, add your own body weight to the bed, you may well end up hurting yourself since your bed is propped up in not a very stable manner.

Bed raisers can be used as a better alternative to using your bricks and books. Bed raisers are placed under the upper legs of your bed and can be adjusted to raise your bed at an angle. You may adjust this angle just enough for you to prevent having to experience acid reflux symptoms in the night.

You can find the specially designed pillows and bed raisers at major departmental stores. These items should be located in the bedding section. You can also purchase them over the web and are usually not all that expensive.

There is no doubt that such interesting inventions exist to help people who are seeking relief from their acid reflux symptoms. You should seriously consider these options if you wish to sleep through the night without getting any disruptions any more.

Acid reflux symptoms can be easily treated with diet and lifestyle changes. For more information and resource, please visit this site here at


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Acid Reflux Symptoms and Treatment
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