New Bipolar Treatments: Boosting Brain Balance With Nutrients From Nature

Athlyn Green

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New bipolar treatments offer exciting possibilities in treating manic-depressive symptoms, targeting neurotransmitter functioning and the part these chemical messengers play in mood regulation.

According to Dr Linus Pauling, orthomolecular psychiatry involves using natural substances to achieve and preserve mental health. Varying concentrations of vitamins and minerals offer the body and brain the boost they need for optimal performance. A bipolar natural cure will use scientific formulations of crucial substances that act as brain nutrients.

People with manic depression may be vulnerable to nutrient deficiencies. New bipolar treatments target specific brain areas: trace elements, such as zinc, magnesium, and copper seem to modulate the brain's NMDA receptor. Newer substances are being formulated which target this receptor.

Fast Facts

People with manic-depressive illness show low intracellular calcium.

Selenium is linked to improved mood.

A year-long double-blind trial found that high-dose multivitamins improved mood.

B vitamins are related to brain and behavior. Decreased levels can influence a person's response to antidepressant medication.

A bipolar natural cure may call on other substances: Omega 3, chromium, inositol.

Alarming News About Nutrition In Our Time

Average calcium consumption (US and Canada) is two thirds of the RDA level of 800mg.

Did you know that most adult Americans fall short of the RDA recommendation for magnesium?

Most diets contain only marginal amounts of vitamins. One person in five consumes adequate levels of vitamin B6.

How many bowls of spinach would you have to eat to get the recommended daily amount of iron? If 70-75 bowls seems almost unbelievable, keep in mind that soil quality is a huge factor and many soils are seriously depleted.

Dietary folate is required for normal development of the nervous system. Are you getting enough? A link has been established between low folate levels and depression. Decreased levels of folate can interfere with the antidepressant action of SSRIs.

New bipolar treatments are increasingly embracing nutritional approaches to address underlying causes of this disorder. In a recent trial, patients were put on a nutritional supplement in conjunction with their prescription medications. The results were startling: most of the patients were able to decrease their medication dosages by 50% and depression and mania were significantly reduced.

A quality bipolar natural cure will utilize a potent blend of nutrients to boost brain balances and improve mood fluctuations.

Nutrients are the building blocks for sound physical and mental health. If you are not getting essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins in your daily diet, do you believe that your health will remain stable over time?

New bipolar treatments offer light at the end of a long, dark tunnel of troubling symptoms. If you are contending with challenging emotions and disturbing thoughts, alternative natural remedies can provide additional options in the quest for wellness.

A bipolar natural cure is a complimentary approach to healing that supports and nourishes the body and brain, helping to counteract the effects of neurotransmitter malfunction.

It is important to seek out expert advice when embarking on any treatment program. Your doctor can apprise you of new bipolar treatments. A holistically trained MD can offer insights into alternative treatments and a nutritionist can be an important resource. Naturopaths are trained in herbology, nutrition, and Chinese medicine.

A bipolar natural cure can be used as a valuable adjunct to prescription medication or, in some cases, can—with supervision—be used as a stand-alone treatment, depending on severity of symptoms.

As our knowledge increases, we are gaining an increased understanding of the relationship between nutrition and brain health. New bipolar treatments that incorporate nutrients from nature are an important piece of the puzzle.

Athlyn Green is an avid health enthusiast with an interest in natural remedies for treatment of health disorders. She has contributed to New Bipolar Treatments , a section of dedicated to natural treatments and prescription drug alternatives for this disorder.


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