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Normally the spam mails one receives regularly in their mail boxes speak of herbal pills used for enlargement of the *** or “male enhancement" or about the herbal breast enlargement pills for women. There are people who advertise pills for curing hair loss or bring about weight loss. They always offer a grand reduction, a substantial cut of the profits and entice you to buy their products.

This “herbal supplement" industry began on the Internet around 2002, is still rapidly expanding, without question because it's so profitable. Now expanding beyond the Internet, some of these companies also run “male enhancement" ads on late-night cable TV and in the backs of otherwise respectable magazines. They either buy or manufacture cheap generic pills containing random herbal mixtures and they market these pills to “cure" any of an array of conditions. What’s common to all these pills? They all focus on human insecurities. There are even pills that claim to make short people magically grow taller.

These pills are sold at unbelievably high prices, something around $50 or thereabouts for a bottle of pills, which may have costed only two cents each, at most, to manufacture. As the profits are so huge, these companies are able to offer lucrative affiliate deals to online internet websites willing to advertise them.

Herbal Spamming: A Point to Ponder Also very often these websites or unsolicited emails exaggerate your medical condition and try to scare you into buying one of their herbal pills. Ask any authentic medical doctor and they'll tell you these herbal pills do absolutely nothing toward the conditions they're marketed to treat. The secret of the success lies in the pills being marked as “herbal". Because a company can make any claim whatsoever about it; without doing any clinical trials and isn't subjected to the restrictions that other prescription medications must strictly follow. And the marketers make their web sites, ads and commercials look exactly like those advertising legitimate prescription medications. It's all a part of a big lie designed to fool you into shelling over your money. Remember:

1. Never ever buy any “herbal" pills that claim to be miraculous as said above as it is targeted at a common human insecurity. 2. Report spam e-mails from these companies to SpamCop. 3. E-mail or call the cable channel/radio station that runs ads for these products telling that you will stop watching unless they stop advertising these fraudulent products.

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Using Your Fresh Herbs In Infusions, Herbal Teas, or Decoctions As An Herbal ..
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