Setting up the Environment for Aromatherapy Massage


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It is extremely important to pay particular attention to the environment in which the aromamassage is to be performed to derive maximum benefit from the treatment. Careful preparation and the right setting will make a good massage even better. Both the giver and the receiver should feel immediately relaxed. Always ensure that towels, cushions and oils are on hand so that you do not lose contact and thus break the flow of massage. An aromamassage should never be hurried.

Solitude and quiet

These are vital. Ensure that you choose a time when you will not be disturbed. Intrusions and distractions are extremely disconcerting, breaking your concentration and destroying the flow of your massage movements. Take the telephone off the hook and tell your friends and family not to enter the treatment room. You may decide to choose some soothing background music although this is a matter of personal preference.


This is essential. Always wash your hands before the treatment, as any stickiness will be instantly obvious to the receiver. Make sure that your fingernails are short - trim them as far down as possible. Do not wear any jewellery on your hands. Rings, bracelets and watches can all scratch the receiver.


The room should be draught-free and warm yet well ventilated. Nothing will destroy an aromamassage more quickly than physical coldness: it is impossible to relax when you feel cold. The room in which you give the aroma massage should be heated prior to treatment and, as the receiver's body temperature will drop, ensure that spare towels are at your disposal. Keep all areas of the receiver's body covered, other than the part on which you are working. Warm your hands if they feel cold.


Soft and subdued lighting will create the ideal atmosphere. Bright lights falling on the receiver's face will hardly induce relaxation and will cause tension around his or her eyes. Candlelight provides the perfect setting or you may wish to use a tinted bulb. Choose from pale pink, blue, green, peach or lavender.


The most therapeutic colours to have in the room are pastel shades - pale pink, blue, green or peach decor and towels are perfect for the occasion. Colours such as red will tend to create unwanted emotions like anger and restlessness.


Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes as you need to move around easily and the room in which you will be working will be warm. White is the best colour to wear when giving an aromamassage since it will reflect any negativity which is released from the individual being treated.

Wear flat shoes or, even better, go barefoot. The receiver should undress down to whatever level he or she feels comfortable with. Suggest undressing down to the underwear. Point out that areas which are not being worked on will be covered up as this will create a sense of security and trust.

Finishing touches

Fresh flowers add a pleasant aroma to the atmosphere, or you can burn incense or essential oils prior to the treatment. Crystals may also enhance the environment. Rose quartz relaxes and soothes and amethyst is useful for absorbing negativity. You may put a drop of essential oil on to your crystals.


Aromamassage surface

Work on the floor using a firm yet well-padded surface. This will allow you to give an aromamassage whenever you desire. Place a large, thick piece of foam, two or three blankets or a thick duvet on the floor. Use plenty of cushions or pillows during the treatment. When the receiver is lying on his or her back, place one pillow under the head and one under the knees to take the pressure off the back. When the receiver is lying on his or her front, place a pillow under the feet, one under the head and shoulders and perhaps one under the abdomen, if desired.

Ensure that you have something to kneel on to avoid sore knees. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from back or knee problems it may be a good idea to invest in a portable couch. It is far less tiring and makes the receiver's body readily accessible. You could try improvising by using a kitchen table if the height is comfortable for you. Do not use a bed as most are far too soft and wide for massage purposes and any pressure applied is absorbed by the mattress.

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