Clearing Up the Acne Myths


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Let's face it, dealing with acne can be a real nightmare, especially when you are not sure what to believe anymore when it comes to treating and preventing acne. Clearing up the acne myths is a great start to clearing up your acne problem.

If you have been told that chocolate causes acne, don't even give it a second thought. Chocolate does not cause acne, so eat to your hart's desire. So far, studies have shown that iodized salt is the only thing in your diet that can aggravate your acne.

I am sure that you have heard that teenagers are the only sufferers of acne. This is simply not true. Acne affects people of all ages and can even be found amongst toddlers. So teenagers, you are not alone!

Has anyone ever told you that poor hygiene causes acne? Not true. Though poor hygiene can lead to other health problems, acne is not one of them. As a matter of fact, people that wash their faces too often have a greater risk of developing acne. Washing your face excessively dries out your skin thus causing an over production of oils to your skin which in turn can lead to acne.

Many people believe that stress causes acne. Again, this is not true. Stress can however make your acne worse, but it does not actually cause acne.

Leaving your acne alone does not help the situation improve either. This does not mean that you should touch or pick your acne. This will only make the situation worse. Instead, let your doctor recommend the best treatment to help reduce or cure your acne problem.

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Clearing Your Acne the Right Way
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