Tanning Beds - Know The Risks Or Suffer The Consequences


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If you care at all about how you look, then you know how great it feels to have a nice bronze sun tan. But what many people neglect is the health risks they, or their family, could be taking when they are using the tanning bed. Especially if you have younger family members who use the bed.

A lot of scientific research has been done, and the conclusions have been quite alarming. It seems that there could be links to tanning bed usage and increased risk of skin cancer. And we already know that tanning can prematurely age your skin.

You see, your tanning bed produces ultraviolet rays. They give you a tan, but they also damage your skin. Especially if you are exposing yourself to them for a long amount of time or too frequently.

Something else that is quite alarming, is the massive risk for children under 16 years. Youngsters should not be using a tanning bed under any circumstances. Why? Because they are young, their skin is much softer and easily damaged by the UV rays. If you already have skin cancer in your family, then they are at even more risk. People under 18 years old should never be allowed to use a tanning bed. Ever.

Other factors can have an influence when it comes to the risks of using a tanning bed. If you have fair skin, or freckles, then you can be at increased risk. If you’re not sure if you are going to be at increased risk of skin cancer or skin damage, then it’s very important that you talk to your doctor about it. If you are concerned, then medical advice is the ONLY answer – not the internet.

You are usually going to be safer at a tanning salon, because you won’t be able to stay in the bed for long periods. But if you have a home tanning bed, then it’s all too easy to lounge in the tanning bed for much longer. But if you do this, you’re putting yourself at serious risk. It’s foolish to spend more than the recommend times under the UV rays.

Tanning beds can be an effective way of maintaining that golden tan, and if it’s important to you, you will want to maintain it. But you must do so safely, and fully understand the risks you’re subjecting yourself to.

Sarah Wright is owner of the Tanning Bed Blog , where she gives free information and advice on the subject of tanning beds. She also gives free Wolff tanning beds information . If you have any questions or concerns, or you want more information in tanning beds, then be sure to visit her blog right now.


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