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Our face is the first thing we present to the world. Whether meeting someone for the first time, talking to friends, or conducting business, our face sends a strong message to those around us.

For those who suffer from acne, interacting with the rest of the world can be a painful experience. The impact of this common skin affliction can often have long reaching repercussions both socially and emotionally. This is why sufferers of acne will often go to great lengths to find successful acne control.

Acne stems from the blockages of pores. Once pores become blocked, oil - that we naturally produce and ordinarily eliminate - can not be purged. As a result, we are left with oil build-up and subsequent blemishes.

While many acne sufferers are in their teens, acne does not discriminate by age. Many of those who struggle with acne are adults. Often, an underlying problem will follow sufferers from adolescence through adulthood.

And while acne can not necessarily be cured, it can be treated, and in many cases, prevented. For many, successful acne control often results in a larger sense of control and a whole new lease on life.

Acne control comes in many forms. For those who are dealing with existing acne there is an abundance of over-the-counter creams, topical medication, and cleansing regimes available. Many find these products to work quite well.

For others, successful acne control means medical supervision and prescription products. A professional dermatologist can assess your specific skin condition and prescribe the appropriate remedies accordingly.

Either way, treatment is only half the battle. Prevention can mean the most when successfully managing acne. Prevention often means a combination of daily steps that will go a long way to successful acne control.

Diet can affect the health of your skin significantly. Internal “cleansing" of your pores can result in clean and healthy skin. Drinking water throughout the day will do much for your complexion.

Additionally, avoiding greasy foods and focusing on a more natural, whole foods diet can greatly aid acne control. Remember that whatever you put in your body will reflect on your body.

Also - in the spirit of prevention – a daily, committed skin-care regime puts you in control of the health of your skin. Whether you find something over-the-counter or you turn to your dermatologist for a prescribed skin care line, proper and dedicated cleansing (including cleanser, astringent, moisturizer, and sometimes topical acne cream) are imperative to the overall health of your skin.

Sticking to the acne control method that works best for you – no matter what that is – will ensure you healthy, acne-free skin for a lifetime. So that you are able to put your best face forward.

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Acne Control - Green Tea Is A Natural Agent To Help Your Acne Problems
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