What Do Hot Flashes Feel Like and a Few Other Frequently Asked Questions


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Here we answer some frequently asked questions concerning menopause and the time leading up to menopause, such as “what do hot flashes feel like”. We also look at different opinions concerning the cause of hot flashes.

What do hot flashes feel like?

Usually the heat begins in the chest and moves its way up the neck. The face becomes hot and may look “flushed”. Hot flashes are sometimes called hot “flushes”. Sometimes, red splotches appear on the neck and/or face. Sweating on the forehead and back of the neck may be noticed. Some women only experience a generalized feeling of being to warm. Others notice that there hands and feet feel cold, while the rest of their body feels hot. Hot flashes can be symptoms of conditions other than menopause and women should remember to have regular check-ups and report their symptoms to their doctors.

What do hot flashes feel like at night?

Hot flashes which occur at night are generally referred to as night sweats. They may disrupt a woman’s sleep. The major difference reported by most women between hot flashes and night sweats is the “sweating”. Women sometimes wake up with their bedding wet and pools of perspiration on their chest. Most women are more frustrated by night sweats than daytime hot flashes, not only because they interrupt sleep, but also because a feeling of being chilled may follow them.

What is the cause of hot flashes?

The exact cause of hot flashes is unknown. Because women who have had their ovaries surgically removed due to illness or injury experience severe hot flashes, the assumption has been made that the cause of hot flashes during menopause is a hormonal deficiency. Some argue that, if this were the case, then postmenopausal women would continue to have hot flashes throughout their lives. Most women experience hot flashes for several years before menopause and only for a year or two following menopause.

What could be the cause of hot flashes?

Decreasing hormone production by the ovaries could be the cause of hot flashes. Hormones can be produced by the adrenals and can be synthesized from fat cells. Researchers have been unable to find a clear connection between hormones and hot flashes. But, it is clear that when medical treatments call for a sudden decrease in hormones, people, even men, have hot flashes.

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