Losing Hair? Don't Lose Heart


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Losing hair is very depressing especially if it turns into a point where the huge bald spot is already very evident. A lot f Americans, men or women deal with this problem but have found no permanent solution for it. A lot of people who experience hair loss lose not only their hair but their confidence as well, especially when the hair loss is already very obvious.

A good way to find the best solution for it is to know the causes so you can find better alternatives in bringing back the hair or you can advise younger people with thinning hair as to what they can do to prevent further hair loss.

There are lots of causes of hair loss ; the most common will be discussed here to shed some light for you.


Too much stress is very harmful to the body it can lead to not only emotional problems but it can also affect the body in so many ways. Extreme prolonged stress can greatly affect hair growth this is why some people lose a lot of hair.

Diabetes and lupus

There are certain diseases that cause hair to fall off. At most times, when there is a generous loss of hair it can pertain to a certain illness. This is why it is best to seek information from a doctor.

Nutritional deficiency

There are some people who have problems in absorbing the nutrients in the food they take can experience hair loss as well. A lot of nutrients are extremely important for a healthy and normal hair growth. Good nutrition will prevent or lessen the aggravation of the situation. Didn’t your mom tell you to drink your vitamins and to eat healthy vegetables when you were a kid? Mothers had reasons.


The most common hair loss comes at the age of 35-40 for men while women loss their hair at a later age. For some men and women (not very common) they can even start at the very early age of 20.


Fungal infections (specially in kids) cause hair to fall of.


There are certain medicines that lead to hair loss some of them are:

Birth control pills
Over intake of vitamin A
Gout medication
Medication for heart disease (blood thinners)


Thyroid glands that are either too active or inactive may cause hair to fall off. Hormonal imbalance is another major reason for hair loss. Some women who recently gave birth may have a problem with losing hair because pregnancy can sometimes make hormones imbalanced, eventually it will grow back again if given the right attention. Your doctor can help you.

Medical treatments

There are certain antibiotics that can cause hair loss. Another cause is chemotherapy.

Recovery from a medical surgery

insidious medical treatments sometimes traumatizes hair follicles thus closing hair follicles and causing hair to fall off.

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)

It is a combination of dirt particles and sebum with androgen and testosterone. For some men their hair follicles are exceptionally responsive to DHT. The response of the follicle is to shrivel. In time it may eventually close the hair follicle and the hair will fall off.


There are really some people who try all they can to stop hair reduction but to no avail; this is most probably because your hair loss is hereditary. If your other family members lose their hair at a certain age, chances are you will too.

There are lots of causes as to why people experience hair loss, it is still best to go to your doctor to know the real cause. They may even be able to help you find a cure for this impediment.

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Charlene J. Nuble

For All the things you need to know about hair loss, please go to: Cause of Hair Loss

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