Laser Hair Removal - The Painful Side Effects Nobody Told You About


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When it comes to laser hair removal, we all know the benefits. It is quite painless, it’s quick, and it can be permanent.

But what we don’t usually know is that it can have some interesting and sometimes painful side effects.

So to make sure you’re well informed before having laser hair removal performed on you, I’m going to give you the skinny on the possible side effects that you may not know about.

Let’s get started: The most common side effects aren’t really that bad. These are the things like swelling (most often around where the hair follicle was – after all – it has just been burned off your skin), and maybe some itchiness. These side effects are quite normal, and won’t last very long.

Some people will also experience a little soreness and redness after the treatments as well. This will only last a few days, and it’s just a little uncomfortable, but bearable.

Now those are the most common things, which you need to be prepared for if you’re going to have laser hair removal.

But there’s also some other side effects, which aren’t as common… but can still happen. Some things that people experience after laser hair removal are scabs around in grown hairs, discolouring of the skin (usually a purple color – but it subsides after a few days) and in some cases it can change the pigment of your skin. But you can avoid most of this by making sure you don’t have a sun tan when you have the treatment.

If the place you’re going for treatment is reputable, they should tell you that you can’t have this treatment while you have a sun tan. If they don’t tell you this, then don’t let them perform the treatment on you. If they neglect to tell you this fact and they can clearly see you have a sun tan, what else might they neglect?

Now don’t let this alarm you too much. These side effects do pass, and they aren’t very common. But it’s important that you know the full facts before having this treatment. I’m sure you’d agree.

If you’re concerned about any of the side effects that you may get from having laser hair removal, then be sure to talk to the technician who is performing the treatment. They should be able to tell you the facts, and put you at ease.

Although there are some unavoidable side effects, they really aren’t too bad… and personally, I think for the results you will have it’s definitely worth it!

Sarah Wright is owner of the Laser Hair Removal Blog . For more information on the pros and cons of laser hair removal, the side effects, and laser hair removal in Orange County information , be sure to visit her blog right now.

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