Compound Interest and Healthy Eating - What They Have in Common


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Do you consider yourself a healthy eater? Many of us continue to pay the price of the way we ate when we were young. For the young crowd, who knows the future price their body will pay for today’s convenience foods.

Adopting a healthy eating style and attitude is not one that should be taken nonchalantly or based solely on the food claims pushed in current advertising. No matter what age, a diet of fast food burgers, tacos, pizza and ice cream followed by a soft drink chaser will not offer many health benefits when consumed over a long period of time.

The chemicals used in processed foods, for color, longer shelf life and to carry the label of low something eventually takes a toll on our system and body. The foods we eat are like interest that compounds. Over time all those pennies add up. Over time all those chemicals build up and can eat away at our body.

What do you Consider Healthy Food?

For me this comes down to as natural as possible and give the most vitamins and nutrients.

You want the foods you consume to feed your body and not break it down or cause heartburn. The foods you eat need to nourish the cells in your body. We do need some fat in our diet but we don’t need the unhealthy saturated fat, which comes standard in fast food and ice cream.

When shopping learn to read the label, this will help in your buying and food preparation. By the way, preparing your meals at home instead of opting for eating out or bringing home take out will save you money. Plus you should feel better as you take control of the foods and components that go into making up the meal.

Natural Over Processed

One key that most people know but seldom follow in healthy eating is choosing natural over processed. When making a move from a diet rich in processed foods like: chips, crackers, cereals, and other snack items can be difficult it can be much like taking the steps to starting a savings plan.

After a few weeks of going organic and natural with my diet the cravings I once had for processed foods went away. I even went back and tasted some of the foods I once lusted for, only to find they did not taste good.

Going organic does take some work in finding stores and markets which stock and sell organic foods. Making a move to natural but non-organic foods means you can still be consuming pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics. If not organically grown vegetables, dairy products and meats all contain chemicals.

Take some time to do a little online research for eating healthier and look for tips and pointers for improving your diet. Do not look at making the change a diet but as a lifestyle change for better health. Keep in mind, any food can be picked apart when discussed online. Natural foods have long been eaten and enjoyed for centuries long before processed foods become commonplace. Make the decision today to eat healthy and get fit.

Jill Seimer discusses health issues at and reported on acid reflux in infants from her experience dealing with kids and acid reflux in her family.

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