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Many acne sufferers would like nothing more than having just a simple prescribed pill they could take that could cure their acne for good. They would love to go to the doctor and get a prescription to a simple pill that could be taken for a certain amount of days and acne would be gone and done for ever. Unfortunately there is no such pill at the moment. But there are herbal acne remedies that can do that work for you.

My bet is that you have never given herbal acne remedies a try. Other than the Clearasil or other topical cream in your cabinet, have you used any natural herbs that actually work with none of the harsh skin reactions from those chemical solutions from products like Clearasil and the like.

Those chemical acne products are not only harsh but do more harm than good. Those gels, washes and creams may remove oils and dirt that are present on your face, but they have some negative side effects to them. Being composed of harsh chemicals these solutions actually dry out the skin and even worse close the pores, prevent it from breathing, and leave the acne causing bacteria buried deep within your skin pores where they can wreck more havoc on you at a later time.

On the other hand herbal acne remedies work, and are not harsh on your face and skin.

While you can easily find herbal acne remedies, it is more important to use the one that works for your particular acne type. You then have the best of both worlds, a natural acne treatment that works naturally and gently on your face and works for your particular type of acne.

A wash on of face from a mixture of milk and lime works wonderfully for blackheads. You can make this by boiling milk gently and then adding some lime juice to it. After it is cooled-so as not scald your face- you can then give your face a wash using the treatment.

A second herbal acne herbal remedy is using a herbal astringent for deep skin cleaning. Boil a leafy mango, which can be gotten at your local grocery, and after it is cooled rub it in your face. Alternatively if your acne is not the severe kind you can leave the mango to soak overnight. This is a natural acne treatment that deep cleans your pores and prevents acne.

Some foods also have natural healing properties in treating your acne. A potato is a good natural treatment for your acne, even more so for whiteheads. It contains vitamin C and has some alkaline properties which work by getting rid of the acne causing bacteria while the vitamins helps your skin maintain a healthy and natural glow. This solution works as a natural acne cure.

When your skin feels parched and dry a good natural cure would be using Jojoba or Almond oils.

There are a whole lot more natural acne treatments which work splendidly if used.

Many people in search of acne solutions have despaired after using various chemical acne treatments that more often than not leave harsh after effects on the skin. It is far better to use natural herbal acne treatments. Unlike the chemically based treatments that a vast majority of manufacturers produce which more often than not create future skin problems for their present users natural acne treatments leave no such harmful after effects.

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Herbal Remedies To Treat The Problems Of Acne
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