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Women had always been conscious of their weight. The trend for some had been to look pencil-thin to be called beautiful. Still, there are some women who prefer to look “healthier", meaning, not being too skinny, balancing their weight with their actual height.

Some women who wanted immediate results on their dieting scheme tend to crash-diet, meaning they deprive themselves the needed food by their bodies.

For those who starve themselves, they usually are the ones who are most prone to binging, thus, packing on more pounds than they had shed during their limited food intake.

Below are some tips on dieting to help eliminated or lose weight the safe and effective way.

Eat small meals. Most people, especially women, tend to eat when they are bored or have nothing else to do. Some use food to console or reward themselves over some things or events in their lives.

The best way to limit food intake is to eat only when hunger strikes, and in doing so, by taking only small meals. If an individual is used to eating 3 slices of bread, cutting it down to 1, as a starter, would be a good idea.

By cutting down the amount of food intake, but taking it more frequently, the individual would not feel that he or she is hungry since they are still ingesting food when need, though at an amount which is much healthier.

For example, instead of skipping eating breakfast and then eating a big lunch, it would be best to eat breakfast and then eat a smaller lunch.

Choose the foods to snack on. Office workers tend to snack on sugary goodies available on vending machines in their offices. What an individual has to do to limit the temptation to snack on these is to store nutrition packed foods such as the following:

1. Dried fruits (raisins, figs, apricots)

2. low-fat Granola bars

3. whole wheat pretzels

4. puddings which are low-in fat

5. power bars

6. low-fat popcorns

7. dry-roasted mixed nuts

8 Eat foods high in fiber.

Recent studies have shown that an increase in the intake of fiber-rich foods can contribute to weight loss. Fiber aids in the digestion process and makes an individual feel fuller at a much longer period of time, thus contributing to the decrease in the urge to eat.

Foods high in fiber includes apples, pears, whole grains like pasta and wheat, lima beans and turnip green.

Drink lots of water. Water replaces lost fluids in the body. It likewise aids in the digestion process. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day may reduce pangs of hunger since it makes the individual feel fuller, thus minimizing the urge to eat.

It also flushes our toxins in the body and aids the kidney to function properly.

It would be advisable to carry or have water nearby all the time. Office workers might want to have a container of water on their table so as to remind one self to drink.

During small walks or jogs at the park, it would likewise be advisable to carry a jug of water for easy reach.

Stress and sleep levels. If an individual who wants to lose weight deprives one self of the much-needed sleep, he or she might feel tired and sluggish during the day. Such fatigue might be confused with hunger or the need to eat, thus a weight losing idea buster.

Sleep at least 8 hours a day, or whatever number of hours best suits the individual. It has been noted by some researchers that the ideal number of hours of sleep varies from person to person.

Teenagers whose growth hormones are kicking, might need at least 10 hours of sleep, while older people feel re-charged and rested on a four-hour sleep.

Stress on the other hand is said to promote a physiological change which might make loosing weight a hard task. A stressed body releases a hormone called cortisol. Said hormone encourages build up of fat cells in the abdomen as a result to response of the body to stress.

Still, the idea of loosing weight should be done only for some very important matters. If issues of weight cause some health problems, it would be good idea, but to want to loose weight (even if one already feels satisfied with his or her looks) just because others told you so to look beautiful would not be very wise.

Live a healthy life and be happy.

Dr Nathalie Fiset is a family doctor and a certified hypnotherapist. For more information go to: http://www.reachyouridealweight.com http://www.aperfectharmony.com or http://www.a-1hypnosis.com


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