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A stop smoking clinic helps the smoker by advising him on how to give up. Being stuffed by both counselors and therapists helps the smoker, in his several counseling sessions (either one to one, or in groups), twice or thrice a week, by letting him interact with the counselor at any point of time.

In any stage counseling proves useful, but, in the beginning, when all smokers experience great withdrawal symptoms like emotional distress or abnormal weight, proves to be even more useful, because it provides the emotional support that the smoker desperately needs.

Several clinics help the smokers by putting them under different therapies, based on the smoker’s likes and dislikes, that help effectively control the withdrawal symptoms. Based on those likes, and dislikes, they are advised to use either nicotine patch, nicotine inhaler or nicotine gum or tablets.

Also, a part of the program is taken by regular exercise, because the exercises make the smoker feel healthy, and reduce his urge for a smoke. A good advice given by the clinics is that the smoker to pick a simple new hobby or interest to keep him busy, and taking his mind of the smoking thing.

Because the risk of going back to smoking again exists even if the smokers have finished the program, the clinics stay in touch with the smokers. The patients receive pamphlets by mail, which provide useful information, or are asked to attend seminars. For many reasons, people consider this phase of treatment more important than the actual quitting.

Because the clinics have trained counselors and mix therapy with counseling, most of them enjoy a high success rate.

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