How To Avoid Serial Dieting


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Here are a few tips to help you break the diet-cycle:

Avoiding the yo-yo effect is a must.

You can prevent serial dieting by examining the detrimental effects of yo-yo weight loss. When you begin a restrictive diet, you eat less food. If you starve yourself, you slow down your body's metabolism. If you lose weight while starving yourself, that's great. Just know that whenever you decide to eat regularly again, your metabolism won't be back up to normal speed. Not only will you regain the pounds you lost, you'll actually make it harder to lose pounds in the future. That's got to be incentive enough to stop the diet roller coaster for good.

Make a plan and follow through on your weight loss goals.

Don't think of short-term solutions for trimming your waistline. Diets are fleeting, avoid them. What you really need is serious, sustainable weight loss. Set goals for yourself. Identify a realistic, ideal body weight and set up ways to make progress. Try and drop five pounds at a time. Reward yourself when you've met your weight loss objectives.


You need to balance out the factors that contribute to weight loss. You can't expect a weight loss program like UnDiet to just work by itself. You have to use healthy eating and exercise to amplify whatever weight loss measures you decide to take. UnDiet is a series of all-natural supplements that can help curb your hunger and increase your ability to burn calories. UnDiet can help you activate and maintain an efficient weight loss strategy, but you have to supplement your supplements with balanced eating habits.

Regular physical activity

If you can develop a genuine fondness for exercise, you can avoid the pitfalls of serial dieting. Don't think of physical activity as work. Regular exercise need to be a part of your everyday maintenance functions. You already know that exercise is important. Imagine how your body would feel if you valued exercise as much as you value showering. Every day. No matter what. Just know you have to get it done.

Inhibit unhealthy eating habits and reward good behavior

Dieting places restrictions on your eating habits. Balance is more important than restrictions. If you eat five servings of vegetables a day, for two weeks straight, it's okay to eat cookies in ultra-moderation. You can't eat cookies until you get sick, and you really shouldn't eat more cookies than vegetables, but you can still eat cookies. Reward yourself for practicing balanced, moderate eating habits (just make sure you don't go overboard with your weight loss-achievement celebrations).

Chris Stout, after experiencing his own dietary frustrations, has become an expert on weight loss as well as other health related topics. Chris offers helpful advice and useful tips regarding dietary problems and weight loss in his articles for Medgen . You can find more great information and products for weight loss .


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