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If you’ve suffered from acne at some point in the past, then there’s quite a large chance that you now have acne scars. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to avoid getting the scars after you’ve had acne. Some get it, and some don’t. There’s no reason answer to why it’s like that.

But fortunately there are a number of scar removal treatments on the market. There’s even some over the counter treatments. But the most effective treatments usually cost quite a lot of money, and involve medical professionals.

One of the professional methods of removing acne scars is the chemical peel. Now these treatment doesn’t work for everyone. It’s more suited for mild scars than anything else. It can also be quite expensive (above $500 in most situations), and many people will require several treatments for it to remove the scars completely.

However, it’s still much cheaper than some other options out there, particularly the laser resurfacing options.

But chemical peels do have their drawbacks. Firstly, there are some cheap kits that allow you to do a basic chemical peel in your own home. Now obviously they aren’t as powerful as a professional chemical peel, but I still recommend you stay away from them. You don’t know how it will effect your skin, or your acne scars. It can easily make things worse, and you could be in quite a bit of pain.

So it’s best to consult your dermatologist before trying ANY do-it-yourself type of chemical peel, okay? Even if it’s just to consult with them about using a DIY kit. Get a professional opinion first, otherwise you may end up regretting your decision.

Now I know many people worry about going to the dermatologist. They seem to try every other method first. But the truth is, the dermatologist is going to be nice and friendly, and have the BEST possible treatment for you in most cases.

If you have a professional chemical peel, the process only takes around 15 minutes. So it’s over before you know it. But the recovery time takes longer, and you’ll likely have some swelling and soreness while the top layer of your skin is flaking off. This process takes from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the individual, and depending on the type of chemical peel you had.

I hope I have been able to shred some light on this aspect of acne scar removal, and I hope you realise that you must see your dermatologist before trying anything yourself, if only to be on the safe side.

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