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Plants are our true friend; they give us food, shelter, fuel, medications and many more things. Herbs are members of the plant kingdom which are generally used for medicinal purpose. Rarely, there is any disease for whose cure herbal medications are not provided by the nature. We are living with plants since our evolution on this earth and our body is totally adapted to them. This is why after consuming herbal medications; it generally does not give us any side effect. Earlier, herbal medications were used in only a few great civilization of the world. But now the whole world is looking back to the age old natural ways of the treatment of diseases.

Hair fall is a prominent disease of the modern world. No one exactly knows what is the main factor of the wide spread of hair loss disease now a days. It is believed that environmental pollution and modern life style are bringing hormonal changes in the body and this hormonal disorder is the prime cause of hair loss. Particularly in men, it has been proved that disorder of puberty hormone (testosterone) is the prime cause of hair fall. Women become vulnerable to hair fall after delivery and after menopause. The reason behind this being, that pregnancy and menopause brings hormonal disorder in the body of a woman. For the treatment of every disease the world is reverting to herbal medications and hair loss disease are not exceptions.

Procerin and Provillus are the herbal treatment for hair loss disease. Procerin is especially meant for hair loss in men. Baldness in men is known as ‘male pattern baldness’ or ‘androgenic alopecia’. Procerin restricts conversion of testosterone into DHT. In this way it restricts the process which is causing male pattern baldness. It opens up already closed hair follicles and generates a perfect condition for the hair growth on baldness affected area of the scalp. Procerin is effective only in male pattern baldness whereas Provillus is equally effective in men and women.

Provillus and Procerin the herbal cure of hair fall contain a few similar ingredients like Saw Palmetto and Gotu Kola. Procerin especially has a powerful DHT blocker Nesstles, which is the cause of high effectiveness of Procerin on male pattern baldness. Other than saw palmetto and Gotu Kola, Provillus herbal hair cure is made up of vitamin B6, Biotin, Magnesium, Nettle root and Curcurbita Maxima, Eleuthero, Uva-Ursi, Muria Puama. All these ingredients are taken from naturally found herbs. For stimulation of hair growth in the newly opened hair follicles, Procerin and Procerin have proven to balance the supply of all essential vitamins and minerals.

Herbal hair cure Procerin and Provillus have the efficacy of 90%. These medications generally work slowly but steadily. Hair fall diseases which are cured by Procerin and Provillus are less likely to take place again which is generally not possible with synthetic medications. Buy Procerin and Provillus through an online order and get a proper cure for your hair loss problem. An online order brings these medications on a cheaper rate.

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