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Perfume, the name indicates that perfume is derived “from fume”. The Egyptians first discovered perfume. They used to burn some fragrant plants for that pleasant smell. Very few people dislike perfume, as the solvent causes allergy to skin, and to some of them the strong odor causes headache. But then, generally people like mild fragrance lingering around them, making them feel fresh and that zooming enthusiasm and confidence it creates when you smell pleasant and good.

How big is the Perfume Industry? Did you know the Perfume industry in France has contributed over a couple of billion Euros to the French GDP? There are close to 10 million people working in the fragrance and perfume industry the world over.

The oldest perfume house in the world is believed to be the Guerlain house and holds a very high position in the perfume industry. These perfumes are inspired by the essence of confections. Most commonly found, are the combination from vanilla and amber accord.

What Type Of Perfume Do You Like And When? Did you know perfumes have classes too? Perfume users choose their perfumes depending on the occasion, time, his/her status in the society and the personality types. Mild, soothing fragrance is liked more by elite and soft natured people, while strong reflexive scent is liked by hardcore, aggressive personalities, if one goes by market statistics. Women go for flowered fragrances, which is the sign of feminity.

Perfume is extracted from multiple sources, some are natural and others are synthetic. Natural sources obviously mean extractions from Plant and Animal Sources. Natural sources are the commonly known Flowers & Blossoms, Leaves & Twigs, Roots & legumes, Seeds, Fruits, Bark and what not.

Musk, Ambergris, Civet, Honeycomb and Castoreum are the main sources of animal produced perfumes. For some ethical reasons, Musk and civet perfumes can’t be had in originals.

How to buy perfumes?

Buying perfumes can be an exotic experience if you know how and where to purchase. Buying perfumes without knowing their health hazards can be costly, for most natural perfumes, which contain acetone and ethyl acetate can trigger respiratory allergies. Natural perfumes are inherently toxic in nature. Perfumes containing banned aromatic ingredients from musks and certain mongoose family should never be purchased. Quality of perfumes also depends on how and where they are stored and preserved. Perfumes exposed to heat, light and oxygen and other organic materials will have lost their composition and stability. Using such perfumes can prove dangerous. Always buy from authorized dealers or reputed shops. Check labels for any statutory warning or those by the manufacturer.

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