Dental Veneers Help to Bring Back Smiles

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Interest in cosmetic dentistry has soared over the past decade. More people are aware of the options available to them, and an increasing number of dentists offer cosmetic services. We're excited to be able to help our patients achieve a smile to be proud of and give them a boost in their self-confidence.interested in reading about one of the options in cosmetic dentistry? Let us look at how veneers can change a smile!

What are veneers?

Veneers are custom-made shells (0.5 mm to 1 mm thick) made from porcelain, composite resin or acrylic materials. These shells generally fit over the tops and front portion of a tooth and have an enamel-like quality.

Light shines through them, and the color can blend with the underlying tooth structure. Because they are translucent, they're one of the most beautiful and natural-looking restorations that we offer.

Good candidates for veneers

People who have stained teeth but cannot have their teeth whitened can benefit from veneers. Additionally, anyone with poorly shaped, slightly crooked, chipped, cracked, worn or crowded teeth may be a candidate, along with those who have slight gaps or erosion along the gumline.

You must have basically healthy teeth to undergo this type of permanent procedure. Veneers do not replace the need for good oral hygiene. If you grind your teeth at night, let us know so we can provide you with a mouthguard. The best thing to do is to come in to talk to us about your concerns and together we'll decide upon the best treatment for you.

Choosing veneers as your cosmetic solution

Veneers are durable and stain-resistant, usually lasting many years before any modifications are needed - generally longer than other procedures like whitening and bonding. It takes multiple visits to the office to complete the veneer process. Nonetheless, our patients seem to value the time invested. They have consistently been delighted with the natural look of veneers.

The process The creation and placement of veneers can take several hours over two or three visits to our office - the initial diagnostic visit, tooth and veneer preparation, bonding and follow up. Initial diagnosis It is important to discuss your objectives so we can be sure we can meet your expectations with the right solution for you. We can show you potential results of the procedures by using “before" and “after" photographs or a pre-wax model to help visualize the shape of the veneers.

Tooth and veneer preparation

An impression of the teeth will be made so the veneer will fit accurately. To prepare for this, a thin layer of enamel (0.3 mm to 0.5 mm) is removed. A mold of the teeth is made and sent to the laboratory for the creation of the veneers. While you wait the two or three weeks it takes to custom fabricate your veneers, you'll be comfortable while wearing temporary veneers.

Placing the veneers

The start of this one-to-two hour appointment will involve teeth cleaning and polishing. We will then check the veneers for color and fit before we bond them to your teeth. A bonding agent is applied to the veneer and placed on the tooth. A harmless high-intensity light helps to bond the two together. Excess bonding material is removed and the veneer is polished.

Caring for your new smile

For a couple of weeks, you will go through a period of adjustment and your teeth may be sensitive. Make sure you brush using a non-abrasive toothpaste and floss daily. Use common sense after the procedure. Although the veneer is strong, don't try to twist an object between your teeth, bite your nails or chew on hard objects such as ice, as the veneer may chip. We may have you return to the office after a couple of weeks for a follow-up appointment to see if any minor adjustments need to be done.

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