Causes Of Acne And What Can Be Done To Treat It


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When we decide that we want to do something about our acne problem, it’s useful to know the cause of our acne in the first place. This is the same with any treatment, because it makes sense to understand the cause before you treat it.

But the trouble with acne is nobody knows conclusively what it is that causes acne breakouts. There are plenty of myths such as not washing, eating too much chocolate or junk foods. But none of this has been specifically linked to causing acne (although poor nutrition can make acne worse).

But what we do know is that it often comes down to the sebaceous glands. To be more specific, the excess oils being produced by the sebaceous glands, which cause the pores in your skin to become blocked, and infected. This is how acne starts for many people.

But unfortunately, it gets worse. If the acne isn’t treated at this early stage, then worse things can happen. The next stage is cystic acne. This is where the inflammation forms an infection under the skin. It can then burst under your skin and cause the inflammation to spread around under the skin, and causes larger areas of acne.

So this is most of what we know about what causes acne. But fortunately treatments have improved, and it is possible to cure your acne to some degree. The best treatments usually come from your dermatologist, so it’s important for you to seek an appointment with one as soon as possible.

Although professional help is the best solution in most cases, there’s also lots of over the counter treatments available, many of which can be very effective.

You can even try some home made or “alternative" acne treatments, such as applying tea tree oil to your acne to ease the inflammation.

So try not to panic or become too distressed when you have acne. I’ve been there, and I know what it can be like. But there is a treatment out there that will work for you.

Liam Char is the owner of the Acne Treatments Blog, where he gives free advice and acne treatment information for anyone who needs help curing their acne. Be sure to visit his blog right now if you need more acne treatment ideas.


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