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Finding the best natural acne treatments ever really depends on who is looking. The mistaken notion is that teens mainly fall victim to acne. However, you may be surprised to know that 80% of adults between 25-39 suffer with acne. Some still wage the acne battle well into their forties.

The dilemma for this group of acne sufferers is that they are seeking treatment that was formulated for a younger age group. They are using treatment for their acne that was made with younger skin in mind. More oilier skin.

The more mature acne sufferer is caught out. In a way they are forced to seek alternatives in the natural arena. This is not a bad alternative. Natural medicines are toxic free and tend to zero in on the underlying causes. While the over the counter acne medications tend to zero in on symptoms only.

It is easy for this group to find the information for themselves on the internet. And many prefer to make their own concoctions to fight their acne battle.

The most all round, versatile acne treatment is Aloe Vera. This miracle plant can stand alone when battling many of today’s diseases. Acne included.

It has healing properties that are second to none. It has been known to reduce inflammation, and hold acne off from an imminent attack. So it can also prevent the spread of acne.

Aloe Vera Gel stands out as one of the best natural acne treatments we can have in our arsenal. It also mixes well with other potent natural treatments. Although Aloe Vera can be used as a moisturizer by itself, it can also be added to most any other product.

Acne brings with it pain, irritation, and pustules. Certain healing herbs can be made into a poultice and applied to the affected areas. A really ancient but effective treatment is the use of the leaves of the strawberry plant.

Moisten the leaves with water and put them directly on the affected areas. You can even mash up the strawberry and apply it as a paste to the face.

Dandelion is very effective in fighting acne. Use the complete dandelion plant. Root, leaves, and stem. Chop, boil, simmer and then strain the dandelion. Use the liquid as a tea and/or apply it directly to the affected areas.

The best natural acne treatments are great because like dandelion, many can be used internally as well as externally. It is a given that when acne surfaces there are internal problems that manifest themselves externally.

A singular focus on the skin is not a wholesome way to approach acne treatment. A two pronged attack is the way to go. A wonderful penetrative agent is Tea Tree Oil. It can go very deep into the skin and spread its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Diet is another crucial plank as one of the best natural acne treatments ever. Fresh pumpkins and carrots loaded with beta carotene strengthen the immune system. Vitamins A, B complex and E uphold the integrity of the skin. Mix these with regular exercise and you are fortified against acne.

The best natural acne treatments ever should employ a comprehensive approach. The absolute best benefit in seeking a natural remedy for acne is that there are no side affects. Find out more about acne in this ebook. Get it here: best natural acne treatments

best natural acne treatments

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The Best Natural Acne Treatments and Making Acne Vanish Permanently
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