Coping With The Pattern Of Baldness In Men And How To Prevent It From Happening


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It is very common for men to face some baldness or thinning hair as they age. Men, unlike most women, are very sensitive to hormonal changes. These hormonal changes are often reflected by loss of hair. This tendency can be inherited, so men with bald or balding fathers are more likely to lose hair themselves, generation after generation.

In some men, fluctuations in sex hormones can cause hair follicles to shrink so that, although the scalp is healthy, the follicles are too small for hair to grow. Some regeneration may occur, but loss will soon overtake what little is growing and bald spots appear, in spite of treatments and other measures.

This kind of pattern of baldness usually begins when a man is in his late 20s or early 30s, although it is not uncommon for the baldness to begin at a much younger or older age. Often, it is noticed as a receding hairline that eventually covers the top of the head. Hair begins to thin until entire areas are bald. This type of baldness cannot be prevented, although it can sometimes be slowed down or regenerated faster. These can be rather harsh and some side effects are known to occur. Sometimes vitamins and a healthy diet can be helpful. Strong hair, conditioned and in good “health", is resistant to breakage, so it will grow longer and look fuller. Some vitamins, like A and E, may help slow down the process. It might be worth time to investigate natural remedies. The only permanent way to “recapture" hair is by a hair transplant, which is effective, but costly and time-consuming.

Some men are desperate and overwrought about this loss of hair. Stress is not helpful on your body or hair and it’s wise to be philosophical about these changes. Many men like the way a bald head looks and believe it gives them a sexier, more distinguished look. Likewise, many women prefer bald men. Many men with all of their hair shave it off because they like the way it looks and prefer the ease of caring for a bald head.

Accepting oneself is the best way to deal with thinning hair. Rushing out to buy a hair piece or styling hair with the ever-popular “comb-over" can bring unwanted attention to the loss of hair. These sometimes have an effect opposite of the desired one - a man can look older and uncomfortable. A confident guy who likes himself and is comfortable with his changing body will be far more attractive and appealing to friends and family.

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Understanding Male Pattern Baldness
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