How to Quickly Drop 10 Pounds


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Most of us would like to drop 10 pounds or more in a hurry and most of us would like to keep the weight off. If you are motivated, it is not difficult to lose 10 pounds quickly. The key is to limit your caloric intake to 1000-1200 calories per day and eliminate ALL sugar and starch from your diet.

Since the body always uses the most readily available source of energy first, which is sugar and starch, eliminating them from your diet forces your body to burn fat instead. Any sugar that the body does not use will get stored as fat. Remember that the next time your reach for a brownie or cookie!

Tips to help you lose weight fast:

*Drink lots and lots of water. Water forces your body to run more efficiently, flushes harmful toxins out of your body, speeds up metabolism, and makes it easier to lose weight and burn fat.

*Start your day with breakfast. Eating a healthy, protein-packed breakfast (This does NOT include donuts!) revs up your metabolism and gives your body the energy it needs to get through the morning.

*Do not eat between meals, EVER, especially after 6:00 pm. If you absolutely must eat something, nibble on a piece of raw fruit or a couple of raw vegetables.

*Exercise every day for at least 20 minutes. Aerobic exercises have the greatest fat-burning potential. The best examples are walking (the easiest), swimming, bicycling, skating, and jogging. If you diet without participating in any exercise, your weight loss will be much slower.

If you are over the age of 40, your metabolism may be more sluggish than it used to be. The most effective way to overcome a sluggish metabolism is to increase the activity level of your body.

A short-term rapid weight loss regimen will stimulate initial weight loss and provide encouragement to continue, but rapid weight loss is not healthy for your body and should only be used as a temporary measure. The biggest challenge for most people is keeping the weight off permanently and not reverting to previous eating patterns.

Once you have accomplished reaching your weight loss goal, you must make changes to your lifestyle that will help you to maintain your weight and have a healthier body. For permanent weight loss to occur, you must be diligent in your eating and exercise habits.

Diligent does not mean going on a starvation diet! Starvation diets do not work and can cause serious health problems. They can actually work against you causing your metabolism to slow down in order to conserve energy. The slower metabolism causes you to regain the weight you initially lost plus put on additional weight.

Rapid weight loss is NOT healthy for your body. However, if you are someone with little patience who needs fast results, embarking on a quick weight loss program to lose 10 pounds can work for you; or if you are someone who needs to lose much more than 10 pounds, an initial quick weight loss can be good if you use it as motivation to permanently change your diet and lifestyle.

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