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A diet is simply eating food according to a plan, a method of living in reference to nourishment. With so many various diets on the market, all promising to make you drop the weight fast, it’s difficult not to be seduced. Be careful, because most of the diets that promise it all are really very harmful, so don’t get suckered in without knowing what is involved. The most important thing is to do it for yourself, and not for the sake of others, and to also be careful-get a physician’s advice if you have any kind of health problems, or even if you don’t!

To lose weight, all doctors agree that you need to reduce your calorie intake and/or increase their energy expenditure-preferably, AND, not OR. Whether you consume them or burn them - and whether it's protein, fat or carbs - every calorie counts, so learn to count them. Buy a reference guide that lists foods and their nutritional values, and then bring it to the table and look up the foods in your meal. An alternative resource is the web site Gradually, you will make better food choices. Once you do this, you will be on your way to losing weight

Some people want to gain weight, which can also be very difficult, especially if you are trying to gain muscle mass. A proper diet and a rigorous exercise program is required, along with lots of dedication. Matt Furey has one of the best body-building programs I have seen.

In our modern society, almost everybody follows some kind of dietary guidelines. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, or just keep fit, people are jumping onto the dietary band-wagon.

Dottye is a Realtor in Central Florida, an internet marketer, and a wife, mother and grandmother. She is the published author of a book and several short stories, songs, articles and poems.

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